Prefix title Titel (vorangestellt)
Senior Scientist Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Full name Familienname, Vorname
Frey, Harald

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TitleP-InvestigatorProject status
Active-mobile land use in urban areas - FAIRSPACEFrey, HaraldIN PROGRESS
Alternatives and measures for the safety upgrade S37 Klagenfurt expresswayFrey, HaraldCLOSED
Analysis and activation tools and services for the initiation of sustainable daily routine mobilityFrey, HaraldCLOSED
Analysis of the network effect of the connection Klederinger Straße / Ostbahnstraße L2070Frey, HaraldCLOSED
Analysis of transport concepts of Bad VöslauFrey, HaraldCLOSED
Begegnungszone Maurer Hauptplatz und näheres UmfeldFrey, HaraldIN PROGRESS
border cross railway connection Burgenland-WestungarnFrey, HaraldCLOSED
Calculation of emission data of Wiener Linien based on energy consumptionFrey, HaraldCLOSED
Check of the crossing situation B10 Wiener Straße/ B11 Mautner-Markhof-Straße/ Klederinger Straße as well as city limits border connecting road to Klederinger StraßeFrey, HaraldCLOSED
City Car e-mobil - Changes and Risks for the City of ViennaFrey, HaraldCLOSED
Concept for redesigning existing traffic areas with regard to traffic calming and traffic safety in TraiskirchenFrey, HaraldCLOSED
Concepts for a multifunctional use of the mobility time budgetFrey, HaraldCLOSED
creation master plan center-development and traffic concept for Ober-GrafendorfFrey, HaraldCLOSED
Creation of a planning concept for improving the traffic situation in the area of the elementary school LangenzersdorfFrey, HaraldCLOSED
Creation of a transport concept Spittal an der DrauFrey, HaraldCLOSED
Criteria, potential and innovative concepts of the vertical consolidation of production and the cityFrey, HaraldCOMPLETED
Crossings Mariahilfer StreetFrey, HaraldCLOSED
Detailed analysis into the implementation of a meeting zone in the area Neuer Platz / Hauptplatz (B99 / B100) in Spittal an der DrauFrey, HaraldCOMPLETED
Development of a non-motorized system of goods transport for the local supply systemFrey, HaraldCLOSED
Development of measures to reduce traffic in the center area of Bad VöslauFrey, HaraldCLOSED