Prefix title Titel (vorangestellt)
Univ.Prof.i.R. Univ.Prof. Mag.rer.soc.oec. Dr.rer.oec.
Full name Familienname, Vorname
Schönbäck, Wilfried
Main Affiliation Organisationszuordnung

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TitleP-InvestigatorProject status
Consultative contribution to the economic development concept for the region KremsSchönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
Economic valuation of green spaces in ViennaSchönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
Einführung in Fragen der volkswirtschaftlichen Projektbewertung.Schönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
Environmental Relief Potential of Urban Action on Avoidance and Detoxification of Waste Streams through Green Public Procurement (RELIEF)Schönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
Evaluation of effects on economic development and urban structure in Vienna caused by the enlargement of the underground railway systemSchönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
Evaluation of GO-MOBILSchönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
Evaluation of the economic impact of a shopping center projectSchönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
FA-Transfers - Finanzausgleich österr. GemeindenSchönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
Financing the main roads B in ViennaSchönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
Fiscal and work hygienic aspects regarding re-integration of long-term unemployed people - Analysis of a socio-economic enterprise in the field of recycling and re-useSchönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
National and regional benefits of the road projects Marchfeldschnellstraße and the junction motorway A2 - Bad VöslauSchönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
Noise protection in domestic construction.Schönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
Noise protection measures ¿ Cost ¿ Effectiveness ¿ Benefit.Schönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
Nutrient Management in the Danube Basin and is impact on the Black Sea DANUBSSchönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
PPP - Öffentlich-private Partner-schaftSchönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
Produktion-, investitions- und konsumbezogene Aspekte des öffentlichen Raums in StädtenSchönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
REK - Gemeindefiskalische NettoeffekteSchönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
Strategies towards a sustainable economic development of the City of Salzburg. A contribution to the local development concept.Schönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
Towards a sustainable revenue sharing system in Austria Schönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED
Valuation of central Trafficprojects in GRAZSchönbäck, WilfriedCLOSED