Prefix title Titel (vorangestellt)
Ao.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Full name Familienname, Vorname
Kozek, Martin
Main Affiliation Organisationszuordnung

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TitleP-InvestigatorProject status
Active Control for Flexible 2020 AircraftKozek, MartinCLOSED
Active Control of High-Speed PantographsKozek, MartinCLOSED
Air Pressure Control of a Clean Room FacilityKozek, MartinCLOSED
Control concept for next generation air cycle climate unitKozek, MartinCOMPLETED
Control- and Optimization-System for Energy-Efficient Operation of District-Heating Networks with Biomass-PlantsKozek, MartinCLOSED
Cooperative Fuzzy model predictive control of a multi-zone office buildingKozek, MartinCLOSED
Developement of a control concept for the steam network of "Wien Energie Fernwaerme"Kozek, MartinCLOSED
Development of Regional Interdisciplinary Mechatronic StudiesKozek, MartinCLOSED
Distributed Model Predictive Control for Modular Cooling UnitsKozek, MartinIN PROGRESS
Emission Limited Biomass CombustionKozek, MartinCOMPLETED
Energy Optimization of Thermal Components for Rail Vehicles - EvaluationKozek, MartinCLOSED
Extension of a strip model for control of stainless steel process beltsKozek, MartinCLOSED
Feasibility study for detection and analysis of safety-relevant parametersKozek, MartinCLOSED
Identification of an adaptive Wiener-model for sedation of intensive care patientsKozek, MartinCLOSED
Integrated heat flow management for electrified light commercial vehiclesKozek, MartinIN PROGRESS
Intelligent Detection of Track Geometry Using Production Rail VehiclesKozek, MartinCLOSED
Intelligent energy-efficient homeKozek, MartinCOMPLETED
Model predictive control of the Wien Energie fluidized bed reactor 4Kozek, MartinIN PROGRESS
Modeling and control of pantographs for high-speed trainsKozek, MartinCLOSED
Modeling of the cracked gas header and compressors to optimize plant operation and efficiencyKozek, MartinCLOSED