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1Richter, Roland A. ; Tolstik, Nikolai ; Rigaud, Sebastien ; Valle, Paul Dalla ; Erbe, Andreas ; Ebbinghaus, Petra ; Astrauskas, Ignas ; Kalashnikov, Vladimir ; Sorokin, Evgeni ; Sorokina, Irina T. Sub-surface modifications in silicon with ultra-short pulsed lasers above 2 μmArtikel Article 2020
2Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. ; Sorokin, Evgeni Self-Organization, Coherence and Turbulence in Laser OpticsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2018
3Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. Theory of Laser Energy Harvesting at Femtosecond ScaleBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2018
4Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. ; Sorokin, Evgeni Turbulence of Optical Dissipative SolitonsArtikel Article2018
5Kbashi, Hani ; Sergeyev, Sergey V. ; Mou, Chengbo ; Garcia, Amos Martinez ; Araimi, Mohammed Al ; Rozhin, Aleksei ; Kolpakov, Stanislav ; Kalashnikov, Vladimir Bright-Dark Rogue WavesArtikel Article2018
6Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. Nonlinear Dissipative Soliton DynamicsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2018
7Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. ; Sergeyev, Sergey V. Vector Stochastic Properties of A Fiber Raman AmplifierArtikel Article2017
8Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. ; Awrejcewicz, Jan Chaotic, Stochastic Resonance, and Anti-Resonance Phenomena in OpticsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2017
9Sergeyev, Sergey V. ; Kbashi, H. ; Mou, C. ; Martinez, A. ; Kolpakov, S. ; Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. ; Wabnitz, Stefan Vector rogue waves driven by polarisation instabilitiesBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2017
10Cherkas, S.L. ; Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. Matter creation and primordial CMB spectrum in the inflationless Milne-like cosmologiesPreprint Preprint2017
11Cherkas, S.L. ; Kalashnikov, V.L. Quantum Mechanics Allows Setting Initial Conditions at a Cosmological Singularity: Gowdy Model ExampleArtikel Article2017
12Savitski, V. G. ; Birch, Rolf B. ; Reilly, Sean ; Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. ; Kemp, Alan J. Femtosecond Frequency Conversion in Diamond under Gaussian and Bessel Beam PumpingKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2017
13Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. ; Sorokin, Evgeni Turbulence of Optical Dissipative SolitonsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2017
14Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. ; Sergeyev, Sergey V. ; Ania-Castanón, Juan Diego ; Jacobsen, Gunnar ; Popov, Sergei Stochastic phenomena in a fiber Raman amplifierArtikel Article2016
15Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. ; Sorokin, Evgeni Dissipative Raman SolitonsArtikel Article2014
16Babin, Sergey A. ; Podivilov, Evgeniy V. ; Kharenko, Denis S. ; Bednyakova, Anastasia E. ; Fedoruk, Mikhail P. ; Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. ; Apolonski, Alexander Multicolour nonlinearly bound chirped dissipative solitonsArtikel Article2014
17Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. Dissipative Solitons in Presence of Quantum NoiseArtikel Article2014
18Cherkas, S.L. ; Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. Solution of the discrete Wheeler-DeWitt equation in the vicinity of the small scale factors and quantum mechanics in spaces of the negative constant curvaturePräsentation Presentation2014
19Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. Chaotic Dissipative Raman SolitonsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2014
20Pronin, Oleg ; Brons, Jonathan ; Seidel, Marcus ; Fedulova, Elena ; Apolonski, Alexander A. ; Kalashnikov, Vladimir L. ; Pervak, Vladimir ; Krausz, Ferenc Power and energy scaling of Kerr-lens mode-locked thin-disk oscillatorsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2014

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Chirped-pulse oscillatorsKALASHNIKOV, Vladimir