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Rothbauer, Mario

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1Charwat Verena - 2018 - Combinatorial in Vitro and in Silico Approach To...pdf.jpgCharwat, Verena ; Calvo, Isabel Olmos ; Rothbauer, Mario ; Kratz, Sebastian Rudi Adam ; Jungreuthmayer, Christian ; Zanghellini, Jürgen ; Grillari, Johannes ; Ertl, Peter Combinatorial in Vitro and in Silico Approach To Describe Shear-Force Dependent Uptake of Nanoparticles in Microfluidic Vascular ModelsArticle Artikel2018
2Rothbauer Mario - 2017 - A comparative study of five physiological key...pdf.jpgRothbauer, Mario ; Patel, Nilaykumar ; Gondola, Hajnalka ; Siwetz, Monika ; Huppertz, Berthold ; Ertl, PeterA comparative study of five physiological key parameters between four different human trophoblast-derived cell linesArticle Artikel2017
3Bachmann Barbara - 2018 - Engineering of three-dimensional pre-vascular networks...pdf.jpgBachmann, Barbara; Spitz, Sarah; Rothbauer, Mario ; Jordan, Christian; Purtscher, Michaela ; Zirath, Helene; Schuller, Patrick ; Eilenberger, Christoph; Ali, Syed Faheem ; Mühleder, Severin ; Priglinger, Eleni; Harasek, Michael ; Redl, Heinz; Holnthoner, Wolfgang; Ertl, Peter Engineering of three-dimensional pre-vascular networks within fibrin hydrogel constructs by microfluidic control over reciprocal cell signalingArticle Artikel2018
4Eilenberger Christoph - 2018 - Optimized alamarBlue assay protocol for drug...pdf.jpgEilenberger, Christoph ; Kratz, Sebastian Rudi Adam ; Rothbauer, Mario ; Ehmoser, Eva-Kathrin ; Ertl, Peter ; Küpcü, Seta Optimized alamarBlue assay protocol for drug dose-response determination of 3D tumor spheroidsArticle Artikel2018
5Rothbauer Mario - 2019 - Tomorrow today organ-on-a-chip advances towards...pdf.jpgRothbauer, Mario ; Rosser, Julie M ; Zirath, Helene; Ertl, Peter Tomorrow today: organ-on-a-chip advances towards clinically relevant pharmaceutical and medical in vitro modelsArticle Artikel2019

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