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Wögerbauer, Markus

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1Elena - Science of The Total Environment 756_143699.pdf.jpgRadu, Lacramioara-Elena ; Wögerbauer, Markus ; Rab, Gerhard ; Oismüller, Matthias ; Strauss, Peter ; Hufnagl, Peter ; Gottsberger, Richard ; Krampe, Jörg ; Weyermair, Karin ; Kreuzinger, Norbert Resilience of agricultural soils to antibiotic resistance genes introduced by agricultural management practicesArticle Artikel 2021
2Slipko, Katarzyna ; Reif, Daniela ; Wögerbauer, Markus ; Hufnagl, Peter ; Krampe, Jörg ; Kreuzinger, Norbert Removal of extracellular free DNA and antibiotic resistance genes from water and wastewater by membranes ranging from microfiltration to reverse osmosisArticle Artikel 2019
3Radu, Elena ; Wögerbauer, Markus ; Strauss, Peter ; Oismüller, Matthias ; Rab, Gerhard ; Krampe, Jörg ; Kreuzinger, Norbert Impact of manure application on the enrichment of ARGs in agricultural soils: longitudinal study over two vegetation periods and natural resilience of the soilKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2020
4Radu, Elena ; Wögerbauer, Markus ; Oismüller, Markus ; Kreuzinger, Norbert IMPACT OF ANTIBIOTICS OF ANTHROPOGENIC ORIGIN ON BACTERIAL SOIL COMMUNITIES IN AGRICULTURAL ECOSYSTEMS. REVIEWKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2017
5Wallmann-2021-Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination-vor.pdf.jpgWallmann, Lina ; Krampe, Jörg ; Lahnsteiner, Josef ; Radu, Lacramioara-Elena ; van Rensburg, Pierre ; Slipko, Katarzyna Anna ; Wögerbauer, Markus ; Kreuzinger, Norbert Fate and persistence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and genes through a multi-barrier treatment facility for direct potable reuseArticle Artikel 5-Jan-2021
6Kasia - Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 9_1_2021 - 104783.pdf.jpgSlipko, Katarzyna Anna ; Marano, Roberto ; Cytryn, Eddie ; Merkus, Valentina ; Wögerbauer, Markus ; Krampe, Jörg ; Jurkevitch, Edouard ; Kreuzinger, Norbert Effects of subinhibitory quinolone concentrations onfunctionality, microbial community composition, and abundance of antibiotic resistant bacteria and qnrS in activated sludgeArticle Artikel 2021