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Beiglböck, Mathias
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1Polechová, Jitka ; Johnson, Kory Douglas ; Payne, Pavel ; Crozier, Alex ; Beiglböck, Mathias ; Plevka, Pavel ; Schernhammer, Eva SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen tests provide benefits for epidemic control - observations from Austrian schoolsArticle Artikel May-2022
2Bartl, Daniel ; Eder, Manuel ; Backhoff, Julio ; Beiglböck, Mathias All adapted topologies are equalArtikel Article 2020
3Pammer, Gudmund ; Backhoff, Julio ; Beiglböck, Mathias Weak monotone rearrangement on the lineArtikel Article 2020
4Bartl, Daniel ; Eder, Manuel ; Backhoff, Julio ; Beiglböck, Mathias Adapted Wasserstein distances and stability in mathematical financeArtikel Article 2020
5Beiglböck, Mathias The Geometry of Multi-Marginal Skorokhod EmbeddingPräsentation Presentation2018
6Beiglböck, Mathias ; Eder, Manu ; Elgert, Christiane ; Schmock, Uwe Geometry of Distribution-Constrained Optimal Stopping ProblemsArtikel Article2018
7Backhoff, Julio ; Beiglböck, Mathias ; Pammer, Gudmund Existence, duality and cyclical monotonicity for weak transport costsPreprint Preprint2018
8Backhoff, Julio ; Beiglböck, Mathias ; Eder, Manuel ; Pichler, Alois Fundamental Properties of Process DistancesPreprint Preprint2018
9Beiglböck, Mathias A Monotonicity Principle for the Distribution Constrained Optimal Stopping Problem / in Session: Model Risk & RobustnessPräsentation Presentation2017
10Beiglböck, Mathias A Benamou-Brenier type problem for martingale transportPräsentation Presentation2017
11Beiglböck, Mathias Cyclical-monotonicity and its offspringPräsentation Presentation2017
12Beiglböck, Mathias Martingale Benamou-Brenier: a probabilistic perspective (II)Präsentation Presentation2017
13Beiglböck, Mathias Brenier-type results in Martingale Optimal TransportPräsentation Presentation2017
14Beiglböck, Mathias Brenier's Theorem, Martingale Optimal Transport and the Local Vol ModelPräsentation Presentation2017
15Beiglböck, Mathias Continuous time martingale transport and the local volatility modelPräsentation Presentation2017
16Beiglböck, Mathias Martingale optimal transport in continuous time and the local vol modelPräsentation Presentation2017
17Beiglböck, Mathias The Geometry of Model UncertaintyPräsentation Presentation2017
18Backhoff, Julio ; Beiglböck, Mathias ; Lin, Yiqing ; Zalashko, Anastasiia Causal transport in discrete time and applicationsArtikel Article2017
19Beiglböck, Mathias ; Cox, Alexander M. G. ; Huesmann, Martin Optimal transport and Skorokhod embeddingArtikel Article2017
20Beiglböck, Mathias The Geometry of Model UncertaintyPräsentation Presentation2017

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