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Schumer, Alexander
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1Schumer Alexander - 2023 - Exceptional physics near non-Hermitian degeneracies.pdf.jpgSchumer, Alexander Exceptional physics near non-Hermitian degeneraciesThesis Hochschulschrift 2023
2Schumer, A. ; Liu, Y. G. N. ; Leshin, J. ; Ding, L. ; Alahmadi, Y. ; Hassan, A. U. ; Nasari, H. ; Rotter, S. ; Christodoulides, D. N. ; LiKamWa, P. ; Khajavikhan, M. Topological modes in a laser cavity through exceptional state transferArtikel Article 2022
3Bachelard, N. ; Schumer, A. ; Kumar, B. ; Garay, C. ; Arlandis, J. ; Touzani, R. ; Sebbah, P. Coalescence of Anderson-localized modes at an exceptional point in 2D random mediaArtikel Article 2022
4Nasari, Hadiseh ; Lopez-Galmiche, Gisela ; Lopez-Aviles, Helena E. ; Schumer, Alexander ; Hassan, Absar U. ; Zhong, Qi ; Rotter, Stefan ; LiKamWa, Patrick ; Christodoulides, Demetrios N. ; Khajavikhan, Mercedeh Observation of chiral state transfer without encircling an exceptional pointArtikel Article 2022
5Schumer, Alexander ; Feilhauer, Juraj ; Doppler, Jörg ; Mailybaev, Alexei ; Böhm, Julian ; Kuhl, U. ; Moiseyev, Nimrod ; Rotter, Stefan Encircling exceptional points as a non-Hermitian extension of rapid adiabatic passagePräsentation Presentation2021
6Ding, Lei ; Schumer, Alexander ; Leshin, Jason ; Alahmadi, Yousef ; Ul-Hassan, Absar ; Lopez Galmiche, Gisela ; Likamwa, Patrick ; Rotter, Stefan ; Christodoulides, Demetrios ; Khajavikhan, Mercedeh Bimodal Directional LaserKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2020
7Hokmabadi, Mohammad ; Schumer, Alexander ; Christodoulides, Demetrios ; Khajavikhan, Mercedeh Exceptional Point Based He-Ne Ring Laser GyroscopeKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2020
8Feilhauer, J. ; Schumer, A. ; Doppler, J. ; Mailybaev, A. A. ; Böhm, J. ; Kuhl, U. ; Moiseyev, N. ; Rotter, S. Encircling exceptional points as a non-Hermitian extension of rapid adiabatic passageArtikel Article 2020
9Schumer, Alexander ; Feilhauer, Juraj ; Leshin, Jason ; Khajavikhan, Mercedeh ; Christodoulides, Demetrios ; Rotter, Stefan Topological effects related to exceptional pointsPräsentation Presentation2019
10Schumer, Alexander ; Feilhauer, Juraj ; Rotter, Stefan Chiral state transfer protocols in the vicinity of an exceptional pointPräsentation Presentation2019
11Hokmabadi, Mohammad P. ; Schumer, Alexander ; Christodoulides, Demetrios N. ; Khajavikhan, Mercedeh Non-Hermitian ring laser gyroscopes with enhanced Sagnac sensitivityArtikel Article2019
12Michor, Herwig ; Schumer, Alexander ; Hembara, Mykola ; Kotur, Bogdan ; Levytskyy, Volodymyr ; Babizhetskyy, Volodymyr The Quasi-Binary System CeCoC₂-CeNiC₂: Crystal Structure and Physical PropertiesArtikel Article2019
13Schumer, Alexander Chirality in the vicinity of an Exceptional PointPräsentation Presentation2018
14Michor, Herwig ; Hembara, Mykola ; Schumer, Alexander ; Levytskyy, V. ; Babizhetskyy, V. ; Kotur, B.Ya. Quasi-binary System CeCoC₂-CeNiC₂: Crystal Structure and Physical PropertiesPräsentation Presentation2018
15Schumer, Alexander ; Feilhauer, Juraj ; Rotter, Stefan Breaking of PT-symmetry and its relation to chiral mode conversion in the vicinity of an exceptional pointPräsentation Presentation2018
16Michor Herwig - 2017 - Magnetic properties of HoCoC2 HoNiC2 and their solid...pdf.jpgMichor, Herwig ; Steiner, Soner ; Schumer, Alexander ; Hembara, Mykola ; Levytskyy, Volodymyr ; Babizhetskyy, Volodymyr ; Kotur, Bogdan Magnetic properties of HoCoC2, HoNiC2 and their solid solutionsArticle Artikel 1-Nov-2017
17Schumer Alexander - 2017 - Non-Hermitian dynamics in the vicinity of an...pdf.jpgSchumer, Alexander Non-Hermitian dynamics in the vicinity of an exceptional pointThesis Hochschulschrift 2017
18Michor, Herwig ; Levytskyy, V. ; Babizhetskyy, V. ; Hembara, Mykola ; Schumer, Alexander ; Özcan, S. ; Kotur, B.Ya. MAGNETIC PROPERTIES OF SOLID SOLUTIONS HoCo₁₋ₓNiₓC₂Präsentation Presentation2016