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Mag.rer.soc.oec. Dr.techn.
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Mayr-Dorn, Christoph
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Dorn, Christoph
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1Sungur, C. Timurhan ; Breitenbücher, Uwe ; Kopp, Oliver ; Leymann, Frank ; Song, Mozi ; Weiß, Andreas ; Mayr-Dorn, Christoph ; Dustdar, Schahram ; Dijkman, Remco ; Ferreira Pires, Luis ; Rinderle-Ma, Stefanie Identifying Relevant Resources and Relevant Capabilities of Collaborations - A Case StudyKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2016
2Mayr-Dorn, Christoph ; Dustdar, Schahram ; Nurcan, Selmin ; Soffer, Pnina ; Bajec, Marko ; Eder, Johann A Framework for Model-Driven Execution of Collaboration StructuresKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2016
3Mayr-Dorn, Christoph Collaboration Pattern Modeling in Support of Norm Specification, Monitoring, and PreservationPräsentation Presentation2015
4Sungur, C. Timurhan ; Dorn, Christoph ; Dustdar, Schahram ; Leymann, Frank ; Cimiano, Philipp ; Frasincar, Flavius ; Houben, Geert-Jan ; Schwabe, Daniel Transforming Collaboration Structures into Deployable Informal ProcessesKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2015
5Mayr-Dorn, Christoph ; Taylor, Richard N. Analyzing runtime adaptability of collaboration patternsArtikel Article2015
6Tamburri, Damian A. ; Lago, Patricia ; Dorn, Christoph ; Hilliard, Rich Architecting in Networked OrganizationsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2014
7Dorn, Christoph ; Waibel, Philipp ; Dustdar, Schahram ; Franch, Xavier ; Ghose, Aditya ; Lewis, Grace A. ; Bhiri, Sami Architecture-Centric Design of Complex Message-Based Service SystemsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2014
8Dorn, Christoph ; Dustdar, Schahram ; Osterweil, Leon J. ; Sadiq, Shazia ; Soffer, Pnina ; Völzer, Hagen Specifying Flexible Human Behavior in Interaction-Intensive Process EnvironmentsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2014
9Scekic, Ognjen ; Dorn, Christoph ; Dustdar, Schahram ; Meersman, Robert ; Panetto, Hervé ; Dillon, Tharam ; Eder, Johann ; Bellahsene, Zohra ; Ritter, Norbert ; De Leenheer, Pieter ; Dou, Deijing Simulation-Based Modeling and Evaluation of Incentive Schemes in Crowdsourcing EnvironmentsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2013
10Mayr-Dorn, Christoph ; Taylor, Richard N. ; Notkin, David ; Cheng, Betty H.C. ; Pohl, Klaus Coupling Software Architecture and Human Architecture for Collaboration-Aware System AdaptationKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2013
11Dorn, Christoph ; Egyed, Alexander Towards collaboration-centric pattern-based software development supportKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2013
12Mayr-Dorn, Christoph Models and Techniques for the Design and Self-Adaptation of Socio-Technical SystemsPräsentation Presentation2013
13Mayr-Dorn, Christoph Models and Techniques for the Design and Self-Adaptation of Socio-Technical SystemsPräsentation Presentation2013
14Heinzl, Bernhard ; Mayr-Dorn, Christoph ; Dimitriou, A. ; Breitenecker, Felix ; Troch, Inge Object-Oriented Modelling of Machine Tools for Energy Efficiency Analysis in ProductionKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2012
15Mayr-Dorn, Christoph ; Skopik, Florian ; Schall, Daniel ; Dustdar, Schahram Interaction Mining and Skill-dependent Recommendations for Multi-objective Team CompositionBericht Report2011
16Dorn, Christoph ; Dustdar, Schahram ; Mouratidis, Haralambos ; Rolland, Colette Supporting Dynamic, People-Driven Processes through Self-learning of Message FlowsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2011
17Mayr-Dorn, Christoph ; Marin, Cesar ; Mehandjiev, Nikolay ; Dustdar, Schahram ; Rinderle-Ma, Stefanie ; Toumani, Farouk ; Wolf, Karsten Self-learning Predictor Aggregation for the Evolution of People-Driven Ad-Hoc ProcessesKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2011
18Dorn, Christoph ; Skopik, Florian ; Schall, Daniel ; Dustdar, Schahram Interaction mining and skill-dependent recommendations for multi-objective team compositionArtikel Article2011
19Burkhart, Thomas ; Mayr-Dorn, Christoph ; Werth, Dirk ; Loos, Peter A Flexible Approach Towards Self-Adapting Process RecommendationsArtikel Article2011
20Dustdar, Schahram ; Werth, Dirk ; Mayr-Dorn, Christoph Introduction to the special section on business collaboration support for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprisesArtikel Article2011

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