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Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
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Kraft, Stephan
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1Kraft, Stephan ; Kuba, Matthias ; Kirnbauer, Friedrich ; Bosch, Klaus ; Hofbauer, Hermann Optimization of a 50 Mw Bubbling Fluidized Bed Biomass Combustion Furnace by Means of Computational Particle Fluid DynamicsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2015
2Kraft, Stephan ; Kirnbauer, Friedrich ; Hofbauer, Hermann Model Development for Fluid Mechanics and Chemical Reactions in a Dual Fluidized Bed Steam Gasification System by Means of CPFDKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2016
3Kraft Stephan - 2017 - Investigation of particle mixing in dual fluidized bed...pdf.jpgKraft, Stephan Investigation of particle mixing in dual fluidized bed gasification systems by means of cold flow modelling and computational methodsThesis Hochschulschrift 2017
4Kraft, Stephan Evaluation of dual fluidized bed gasification systems by means of cold flow modelling and CPFD simulationPräsentation Presentation2017
5Kirnbauer, Friedrich ; Kraft, Stephan ; Thomé-Kozmiensky, Karl J. ; Thiel, Stephanie ; Thome-Kozmiensky, Elisabeth ; Winter, Franz ; Juchelkova, Dagmar Energy Recovery from High Calorific Fractions by lncineration together with Sewage Sludge in the Fluidized Bed Furnace in Simmeringer HaideBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2017
6Lunzer, Andreas ; Kraft, Stephan ; Müller, Stefan ; Hofbauer, Hermann CPFD simulation of a dual fluidized bed cold flow modelKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2019
7Kraft, Stephan ; Kirnbauer, Friedrich ; Hofbauer, Hermann Cold flow modelling of char concentration in the recirculated bed material stream of a dual fluidized bed steam gasification systemKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2016