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Bychikhin, S.

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1Rossi, S. ; Alomari, M. ; Zhang, Y. ; Bychikhin, S. ; Pogany, D. ; Weaver, J.M.R. ; Kohn, E. Thermal analysis of submicron nanocrystalline diamond filmsArtikel Article2013
2Pfost, M. ; Costachescu, D. ; Mayerhofer, A. ; Stecher, M. ; Bychikhin, S. ; Pogany, D. ; Gornik, E. Accurate Temperature Measurements of DMOS Power Transistors up to Thermal Runaway by Small Embedded SensorsArtikel Article2012
3Rhayem, J. ; Besbes, B. ; Blečić, R. ; Bychikhin, S. ; Haberfehlner, G. ; Pogany, D. ; Desoete, B. ; Gillon, R. ; Wieers, A. ; Tack, M. Electro-thermal characterization and simulation of integrated multi-trenched XtreMOSTM power devicesArtikel Article2012
4Marko, P. ; Meneghini, M. ; Bychikhin, S. ; Marcon, D. ; Meneghesso, G. ; Zanoni, E. ; Pogany, D. IV, noise and electroluminescence analysis of stress-induced percolation paths in AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistorsArtikel Article2012
5Mamanee, W. ; Bychikhin, S. ; Johnsson, D. ; Jensen, N. ; Stecher, M. ; Gornik, E. ; Pogany, D. Effect of Elevated Ambient Temperature on Thermal Breakdown Behavior in BCD ESD Protection Devices Subjected to Long Electrical Overstress PulsesArtikel Article2012
6Pogany, D. ; Johnsson, D. ; Bychikhin, S. ; Esmark, K. ; Rodin, P. ; Stecher, M. ; Gornik, E. ; Gossner, H. Measuring Holding Voltage Related to Homogeneous Current Flow in Wide ESD Protection Structures Using Multilevel TLPArtikel Article2011
7Pogany, D. ; Bychikhin, S. ; Heer, M. ; Mamanee, W. ; Gornik, E. Application of transient interferometric mapping method for ESD and latch-up analysisArtikel Article2011