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Jouffrey, Bernard

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1Schattschneider, Peter ; Hébert, Cécile ; Jouffrey, Bernard The magic angle: a solved mysteryPräsentation Presentation2004
2Schattschneider, Peter ; Jouffrey, Bernard ; Vast, N. ; Reining, L. Plasmon Dispersion in RutilePräsentation Presentation2002
3Jouffrey, Bernard ; Hébert, Cécile ; Schattschneider, Peter Orientation effects in Electron Electron Energy Loss Spectrometry : on the physics of the magic angle observed with anisotropic materialsPräsentation Presentation2004
4Kusinski, J. ; Petot-Ervas, G. ; Petot, C. ; Jouffrey, Bernard ; Schattschneider, Peter Microstructure and nanochemistry of Ca doped Co oxide single crystalsPräsentation Presentation2002
5Hébert, Cécile ; Schattschneider, Peter ; Jouffrey, Bernard Magic Angle: an unsolved mysteryPräsentation Presentation2004
6Schattschneider, Peter ; Hébert, Cécile ; Jouffrey, Bernard Localization of Low Energy Losses and the Mixed Dynamic Form FactorPräsentation Presentation2002
7Schattschneider, Peter ; Jouffrey, Bernard Localization and Correlation of Band Transitions from Electron Energy Loss SpectrometryPräsentation Presentation2003
8Schattschneider, Peter ; Jouffrey, Bernard Inelastic Interference ExperimentsPräsentation Presentation2002
9Jouffrey, Bernard ; Schattschneider, Peter ; Hébert, Cécile Inelastic Events: Some Physics behind and their use in Electron MicroscopyPräsentation Presentation2002
10Schattschneider, Peter ; Jouffrey, Bernard Experimental Evidence for a Localized Collective ModePräsentation Presentation2002
11Schattschneider, Peter ; Jouffrey, Bernard Energy Loss Spectrometry and Eftem - The Present Situation and Things to comePräsentation Presentation2003
12Hébert, Cécile ; Schattschneider, Peter ; Jouffrey, Bernard ELNES at Magic Angle ConditionsPräsentation Presentation2005
13Petot, C. ; Petot-Ervas, G. ; Kusinski, J. ; Jouffrey, Bernard ; Schattschneider, Peter Electrical conductivity and microstructural characterization of Ca-doped cobaltous oxidePräsentation Presentation2002
14Hébert, Cécile ; Luitz, J. ; Schattschneider, Peter ; Jouffrey, Bernard ; Hlil, E.K. Circular dichroism in the Electron MicroscopePräsentation Presentation2002

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