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Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
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Schuh, Sebastian
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1Schuh, Sebastian ; Winter, Franz Simulating the flame velocity of methane- and n-heptane-air mixtures with a reaction mechanism for dual fuel combustion and further mechanism optimization by comparison with experimental dataKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2019
2Fruehhaber, Jens ; Peter, Andreas ; Schuh, Sebastian ; Lauer, Thomas ; Wensing, Michael ; Winter, Franz ; Priesching, Peter ; Pachler, Klaus Numerical investigation of inert and reactive spray characteristics during pilot injection of a dual fuel injectorPräsentation Presentation2018
3Schuh-2019-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgSchuh, Sebastian ; Frühhaber, Jens ; Lauer, Thomas ; Winter, Franz A Novel Dual Fuel Reaction Mechanism for Ignition in Natural Gas–Diesel CombustionArticle Artikel 19-Nov-2019
4Frühhaber, Jens ; Schuh, Sebastian ; Priesching, Peter ; Lauer, Thomas ; Winter, Franz Modeling dual fuel combustion using an extended coherent flame model and detailed chemistryPräsentation Presentation2019
5Schuh, Sebastian ; Winter, Franz Laminar flame speed simulations of methane-air and n-heptane-air mixtures by using an adapted mechanismKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2019
6Peter, Andreas ; Fruehhaber, Jens ; Schuh, Sebastian ; Lauer, Thomas ; Winter, Franz ; Priesching, Peter ; Wensing, Michael Flame quenching during dual-fuel operation investigated in experiments and simulationPräsentation Presentation2018
7Schuh-2019-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgSchuh, Sebastian ; Ramalingam, Ajoy ; Minwegen, Heiko ; Heufer, Karl Alexander ; Winter, Franz Experimental Investigation and Benchmark Study of Oxidation of Methane–Propane–n-Heptane Mixtures at Pressures up to 100 barArticle Artikel 4-Sep-2019
8Schuh-2020-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgSchuh, Sebastian ; Winter, Franz Dual Fuel Reaction Mechanism 2.0 including NOx Formation and Laminar Flame Speed Calculations Using Methane/Propane/n-Heptane Fuel BlendsArticle Artikel 11-Feb-2020
9Schuh Sebastian - 2020 - Simulation der Zuendung und Verbrennung von...pdf.jpgSchuh, Sebastian Development of a reaction mechanism for dual fuel combustion simulationsThesis Hochschulschrift 2020
10Winter, Franz ; Schuh, Sebastian Detailed Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of the Dual Fuel Combustion ProcessPräsentation Presentation2018
11Schuh, Sebastian ; Winter, Franz Comparing the Influence of Propane and n-Heptane Addition on Methane Ignition at High PressureKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2017