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1Grym, Kirsi ; Niela-Vilén, Hannakaisa ; Ekholm, Eeva ; Hamari, Lotta ; Azimi, Iman ; Rahmani, Amir ; Liljeberg, Pasi ; Löyttyniemi, Eliisa ; Axelin, Anna Feasibility of smart wristbands for continuous monitoring during pregnancy and one month after birthArtikel Article2019
2Niela‐Vilen, Hannakaisa ; Rahmani, Amir ; Liljeberg, Pasi ; Axelin, Anna Being 'A Google Mom'or Securely Monitored at Home: Perceptions of Remote Monitoring in Maternity CareArtikel Article2019
3Moazzemi, Kasra ; Maity, Biswadip ; Yi, Saehanseul ; Rahmani, Amir M. ; Dutt, Nikil HESSLE-FREE: Heterogeneous Systems Leveraging Fuzzy Control for Runtime Resource ManagementArtikel Article2019
4Maity, Biswadip ; Shoushtari, Majid ; Rahmani, Amir M. ; Dutt, Nikil Self-adaptive Memory Approximation: A Formal Control Theory ApproachArtikel Article2019
5Azimi, Iman ; Oti, Olugbenga ; Labbaf, Sina ; Niela-Vilen, Hannakaisa ; Axelin, Anna ; Dutt, Nikil ; Liljeberg, Pasi ; Rahmani, Amir M. Personalized Maternal Sleep Quality Assessment: An Objective IoT-based Longitudinal StudyArtikel Article2019
6Martins, André Luís del Mestre ; da Silva, Alzemiro Henrique Lucas ; Rahmani, Amir M. ; Dutt, Nikil ; Moraes, Fernando Gehm Hierarchical adaptive Multi-objective resource management for many-core systemsArtikel Article2019
7Lee, Jung-Ah ; Labbaf, Sina ; Rahmani, Amir ; Kehoe, Priscilla ; Dutt, Nikil Wearable Internet-Of-Things Technology: An Immigrant Dementia Caregivers Pilot InterventionArtikel Article2019
8Nazari, Mahyar ; Zadeh, Reza Taghi ; Asghari, Seyyed Amir ; Marvasti, Mohammadreza Binesh ; Rahmani, Amir M. FRCD: Fast recovery of compressible data in flash memoriesArtikel Article2019
9Azimi, Iman ; Pahikkala, Tapio ; Rahmani, Amir M. ; Niela-Vilén, Hannakaisa ; Axelin, Anna ; Liljeberg, Pasi Missing data resilient decision-making for healthcare IoT through personalization: A case study on maternal healthArtikel Article2019
10Anzanpour, Arman ; Rashid, Humayun ; Rahmani, Amir M. ; Jantsch, Axel ; Dutt, Nikil ; Liljeberg, Pasi Energy-efficient and Reliable Wearable Internet-of-Things through Fog-Assisted Dynamic Goal ManagementKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2019
11Shamsa, Elham ; Kanduri, Anil ; Rahmani, Amir M. ; Liljeberg, Pasi ; Jantsch, Axel ; Dutt, Nikil ; IEEE Goal-Driven Autonomy for Efficient On-chip Resource Management: Transforming Objectives to GoalsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2019
12TaheriNejad, Nima ; Lewis, Peter ; Jantsch, Axel ; Rahmani, Amir ; Esterle, Lukas Resource Constrained Self-Aware Cyber-Physical Systems (Tutorial)Konferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2019
13Nguyen Gia, Tuan ; Rahmani, Amir M. ; Westerlund, Tomi ; Liljeberg, Pasi ; Tenhunen, Hannu Fog Computing Approach for Mobility Support in Internet-of-Things SystemsArtikel Article2018
14Nguyen Gia, Tuan ; Dhaou, Imed Ben ; Ali, Mai ; Rahmani, Amir M. ; Westerlund, Tomi ; Liljeberg, Pasi ; Tenhunen, Hannu Energy Efficient Fog-assisted IoT System for Monitoring Diabetic Patients with Cardiovascular DiseaseArtikel Article2018
15Asghari, Seyyed Amir ; Binesh Marvasti, Mohammadreza ; Rahmani, Amir M. Enhancing transient fault tolerance in embedded systems through an OS task level redundancy approachArtikel Article2018
16Mostl, Mischa ; Schlatow, Johannes ; Ernst, Rolf ; Dutt, Nikil ; Nassar, Ahmed ; Rahmani, Amir ; Kurdahi, Fadi J. ; Wild, Thomas ; Sadighi, Armin ; Herkersdorf, Andreas Platform-centric self-awareness as a key enabler for controlling changes in CPSArtikel Article2018
17Jiang, Mingzhe ; Mieronkoski, Riitta ; Syrjälä, Elise ; Anzanpour, Arman ; Terävä, Virpi ; Rahmani, Amir M. ; Salanterä, Sanna ; Aantaa, Riku ; Hagelberg, Nora ; Liljeberg, Pasi Acute pain intensity monitoring with the classification of multiple physiological parametersArtikel Article2018
18Mueck, T.R. ; Donyanavard, B. ; Moazzemi, Kasra ; Rahmani, Amir ; Jantsch, Axel ; Dutt, Nikil Design Methodology for Responsive and Robust MIMO Control of Heterogeneous MulticoresArtikel Article2018
19Shahosseini, Sina ; Moazzemi, Kasra ; Rahmani, Amir ; Dutt, Nikil On the Feasibility of SISO Control-Theoretic DVFS for Power Capping in CMPsArtikel Article2018
20Kanduri, Anil ; Miele, Antonio ; Rahmani, Amir M. ; Liljeberg, Pasi ; Bolchini, Cristiana ; Dutt, Nikil Approximation-aware coordinated power/performance management for heterogeneous multi-coresKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2018

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1Perego, Paolo ; Rahmani, Amir ; TaheriNejad, Nima Wireless Communication and Mobile HealthcareBuch Book2018