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Holynski, Tomasz
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1Holynski, Tomasz Parameter estimation based on differential equations of empirical transformsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag4-Jul-2023
2Bibi, Hafsa ; Khan, Farrukh Zeeshan ; Ahmad, Muneer ; Naseem, Anum ; Holynski, Tomasz ; Ooi, Kelvin J. A. ; Mahar, Javed Ahmed Dynamic Wavelength Grouping for Quality of Service in Optical Packet SwitchingArtikel Article 2021
3Holynski, Tomasz Goodness-of-fit test for (log-) normality based on a derivative property of the log-normal Laplace transformKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2019
4Holynski, Tomasz ; Herencsar, Norbert Robust Estimation of Block-Error Ratio under Excessive Noise Based on Empirical Probability Generating FunctionKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2019
5Holynski, Tomasz Tests For Normality Based On Approximated Probability-Weighted Empirical TransformsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2019
6Holynski, Tomasz Nonparametric distribution estimation by transform-based approach to distribution of ratiosPräsentation Presentation2018
7Holynski, Tomasz ; Haneczok, J Robustness-efficiency trade-offs of minimum distance estimatiors for the Poisson-lognormal distributionPräsentation Presentation2018
8Franzl, Gerald ; Hayat, M. F. ; Holynski, Tomasz ; Manolova, A. V. Burst switched optical networks supporting legacy and future service typesArtikel Article2011
9Hayat, Muhammad Faisal ; Holynski, Tomasz ; Danilewicz, Grzegorz ; Glabowski, Mariusz ; Kühn, Paul J. ; Pioro, Michal Modelling of OBS Hybrid Burst Assembly Using Transform-Based ApproachKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2011
10Holynski, Tomasz ; Hayat, Muhammad Faisal Analysis of OBS Burst Assembly Queue with Renewal InputArtikel Article2011