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Natras, Randa
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1Natras, Randa ; Halilovic, Dzana ; Mulic, Medzida Strong Solar Flares Detection, Its Impact to D and F Ionospheric Regions and to Coordinates Accuracy in Western Balkan in October 2014Präsentation Presentation2018
2Natras, Randa ; Halilovic, Dzana ; Mulic, Medzida Strong solar flare detection and its impact on ionospheric layers and on coordidnates accuracy in the Western Balkans in October 2014Artikel Article2018
3Halilovic, Dzana ; Natras, Randa ; Tabakovic, A. Solar flare effect on the ionosphere and GNSS positioning accuracy in Western Balkan RegionPräsentation Presentation2018
4Natras, Randa ; Magnet, Nina ; Halilovic, Dzana ; Weber, Robert Regional Ionosphere TEC Model for Bosnia and Herzegovina - Preliminary resultsPräsentation Presentation2018
5Natras, Randa ; Halilovic, Dzana Latitudinal and Seasonal Dependence of Geomagnetic Storm Effects on the Ionospheric TEC and Positioning Accuracy in Europe in 2015Präsentation Presentation2018
6Mulic, Medzida ; Natras, Randa ; Halilovic, Dzana ; Krdzalic, Dzevad Investigation of Ionospheric Variations and Sudden Disturbances as a Source of GNSS Errors and Earthquake PrecursorsArtikel Article2017
7Halilovic, Dzana ; Natras, Randa ; Mulic, Medzida Impact of geomagnetic storms and ionospheric disturbances on mid-latitude station's coordinates using static and kinematic PPPKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2018
8Natras, Randa ; Magnet, Nina ; Boisits, Janina ; Weber, Robert GNSS-based Regional Ionosphere Modeling over Bosnia and HerzegovinaKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2018
9Natras, Randa ; Krdzalic, Dzevad ; Halilovic, Dzana ; Tabakovic, A. ; Mulic, Medzida GNSS ionospheric TEC and positioning accuracy during intense space and terrestrial weather events in B&HArtikel Article2019
10Natras, Randa ; Magnet, Nina ; Weber, Robert Development of GPS-based Local Ionosphere TEC Model with Taylor Series ExpansionsPräsentation Presentation2018