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Tskhakaya, David

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1Tskhakaya, David The kinetic SOL: Understanding the sheath physics in tokamaks - progress in PIC modelling; review invited talkPräsentation Presentation2018
2Tskhakaya, David Sheath properties in recycling plasma; invited talkPräsentation Presentation2015
3Tskhakaya, David Pre-sheath modellingPräsentation Presentation2015
4Tskhakaya, David PIC modelling of the plasma sheath; invited talkPräsentation Presentation2015
5Tskhakaya, David PIC modelling of fusion plasma edge; invited talkPräsentation Presentation2017
6Tskhakaya, David Physics behind the D06 deliverable for M18-17: Determine the divertor sheath heat transmission coefficients - Importance to ITER, invited talkPräsentation Presentation2018
7Tskhakaya, David On the electron distribution function in the plasma edgePräsentation Presentation2013
8Tskhakaya, David On kinetic modeling of the plasma edgePräsentation Presentation2013
9Tskhakaya, David ; Eisenstecken, T. On ion sound speed in a high recycling plasma edgePräsentation Presentation2013
10Tskhakaya, David Next generation thermonuclear fusion device - ITER; invited talkPräsentation Presentation2018
11Tskhakaya, David Modelling of the ITER divertor sheath; invvited talkPräsentation Presentation2018
12Tskhakaya, David Modelling of plasma-wall interaction and impurity transport in fusion devices and prompt deposition of tungsten as application; invited talkPräsentation Presentation2017
13Tskhakaya, David Modelling of impurity transport and plasma-wall interaction in fusion devices with the ERO code: basics of the code and examples of applicationPräsentation Presentation2015
14Tskhakaya, David Kinetic modelling of the detached divertor plasmaPräsentation Presentation2015
15Tskhakaya, David ; Brida, D. Investigation of plasma sheath oscillationsPräsentation Presentation2013
16Schupfer, N. ; Tskhakaya, David ; Khanal, R. ; Aumayr, Friedrich ; Figueira da Silva, Sylvicley ; Kuhn, S. ; Winter, Hannspeter ; Grill, V. ; Märk, T. Influence of particle-induced electron emission on the plasma sheath voltageKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2006
17Tskhakaya, David ; Coster, D. ; ITM-TF Contributors 2013 Implementation of PIC/MC code BIT1 in ITM platformPräsentation Presentation2013
18Tskhakaya, David ERO Modelling of Gross and Net erosion of High-Z Materials in DIII-D DIMES Experiments; invited talkPräsentation Presentation2015
19Tskhakaya, David Code development for Integrated Modelling WPCD - Edge developmentsPräsentation Presentation2015
20Tskhakaya, David Atomic data for integrated Tokamak modellingPräsentation Presentation2013