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Bergamin, Luzi

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1Bergamin, Luzi SUSY glue-balls, dynamical symmetry breaking and non-holomorphic potentialsPräsentation Presentation2003
2Bergamin, Luzi SUSY glue-balls and non-holomorphic contributions to the effective potential of SYMPräsentation Presentation2003
3Bergamin, Luzi Supersymmetry, glueballs and dynamical symmetry breakingPräsentation Presentation2003
4Bergamin, Luzi Non-semiclassical effects in non-perturbative SUSY theoriesPräsentation Presentation2002
5Bergamin, Luzi Gravity in 2D: Why? How?Präsentation Presentation2004
6Bergamin, Luzi gPSM approach to 2D (quantum-)dilaton supergravityPräsentation Presentation2003
7Bergamin, Luzi Global aspects of Chern-Simons supergravity and its kinkPräsentation Presentation2005
8Bergamin, Luzi Dimensional reduction of Chern-Simons (super-)gravityPräsentation Presentation2005
9Bergamin, Luzi Confinement and effective approaches to supersymmetric gauge theoriesPräsentation Presentation2003
10Bergamin, Luzi ; Grumiller, Daniel Black holes as boundaries in 2D dilaton supergravityKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2008
11Bergamin, Luzi Background independent quantization of supergravity in 2DPräsentation Presentation2004
12Bergamin, Luzi Background independent quantization of 2D dilaton supergravityPräsentation Presentation2004
13Bergamin, Luzi 2d dilaton supergravity from graded Poisson-Sigma modelsPräsentation Presentation2002
14Bergamin, Luzi 2D dilaton supergravity as a graded Poisson-Sigma modelPräsentation Presentation2005
15Bergamin, Luzi 2D (quantum)-dilaton supergravity from graded Poisson-Sigma modelsPräsentation Presentation2003