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Ploc, O.

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1Ploc, O. ; Sommer, M. ; Kubancak, J. ; Peksova, D. ; Kakona, M. ; Sihver, Lembit Intercomparison of LET spectra measured with Timepix and TEPC in mixed reference radiation field CERFPräsentation Presentation2018
2Slegl, J. ; Ploc, O. ; Sihver, Lembit ; Puchalska, Monika Use of the Radioactive Carbon C-9 in RadiotherapyPräsentation Presentation2017
3Ploc, O. ; Uchihori, Y. ; Kitamura, H. ; Dachev, T. ; Sihver, Lembit Fragmentation from heavy ion beams in HIMAC BIO room calculated with PHITS and measured with LiulinKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2017
4Sihver, Lembit ; Ploc, O. ; Ambrozova, I. ; Kodaira, S. ; Shurshakov, V. Radiation environment onboard spacecraft in deep spacePräsentation Presentation2015
5Kodaira, S. ; Matsufuji, N. ; Kitamura, H. ; Saito, T. ; Hasebe, N. ; Uchihori, Y. ; Kawashima, H. ; Kurano, M. ; Ploc, O. ; Sihver, Lembit Dosimetry of therapeutic carbon beam and its fragments with CR-39 plastic nuclear track detectorsPräsentation Presentation2015
6Sihver, Lembit ; Ploc, O. ; Puchalska, Monika ; Ambrozova, I. ; Kubancak, J. ; Kyselova, D. ; Shurshakov, V. Radiation environment at aviation altitudes and in spaceArtikel Article2015
7Kitamura, H. ; Uchihori, Y. ; Kodaira, S. ; Yasuda, N. ; Benton, E. ; Berger, Thomas ; Hajek, Michael ; Jadrníčková, Iva ; Ploc, O. Preliminary results of Proton ICCHIBAN experimentsPräsentation Presentation2012
8Kitamura, H. ; Uchihori, Y. ; Yasuda, N. ; Benton, E. ; Kodaira, S. ; Ploc, O. ; Berger, Thomas ; Hajek, Michael ; Ambrozova, I. Preliminary results of 2ⁿᵈ and 3ʳᵈ Proton ICCHIBAN experimentsPräsentation Presentation2011
9Uchihori, Y. ; Yasuda, N. ; Benton, E.r. ; Kitamura, H. ; Kodaira, S. ; Ploc, O. ; Berger, Thomas ; Hajek, Michael ; Jadrnícková, I. The preliminary results of the Proton-ICCHIBAN-2 experiments for luminescence detectorsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2010