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Jungbauer, Alois

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1Kastenhofer, Jens ; Cataldo, Alessandro L ; Ebner, Julian ; Sedlmayr, Viktor L ; Jungbauer, Alois ; Spadiut, Oliver Economic and ecological benefits of a leaky E. coli strain for downstream processing: a case study for staphylococcal protein AArtikel Article 2021
2Ribitsch, Doris ; Herrero-Acero, Enrique ; Przylucka, Agnieszka ; Zitzenbacher, Sabine ; Marold, Annemarie ; Gamerith, Caroline ; Tscheließnig, Rupert ; Jungbauer, Alois ; Rennhofer, Harald ; Lichtenegger, Helga ; Amenitsch, Heinz ; Bonazza, Klaus ; Kubicek, Christian Peter ; Druzhinina, Irina ; Gübitz, Georg Enhanced Cutinase-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Polyethylene Terephthalate by Covalent Fusion to HydrophobinsArtikel Article2015
3Opietnik, Martina ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Kosma, Paul ; Jungbauer, Alois ; Rosenau, Thomas Biomimetic synthesis and analytics of the human aryl hydrocarbon receptor agonist 1-(furan-2-yl-)-2-(1H-indol-3-yl)ethanone, and its 1-(thiopen-2-yl) and 1-(pyrrol-2-yl) analoguesArtikel Article2013
4Opietnik, Martina ; Jungbauer, Alois ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Rosenau, Thomas Synthesis of 2-(indol-3-yl)-ethanone-based arylhydrocarbon receptor agonist candidates via Weinreb amides of indole-3-acetic acidArtikel Article2013
5Grzeskowiak, J. ; Machold, C. ; Jungbauer, Alois ; Marchetti, Martina Proteomics asanalytical tool for gene expressionstrategies, downstream process development and characterzation of produc qualityKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2006
6Marchetti, Martina ; Grzeskowiak, J. ; Katzke, M. ; Andersson, R. ; Jungbauer, Alois ; Schmid, E.R. Proteomics in Food Industry - Studying the Stabilization of Beer by Ionexchange TreatmentPräsentation Presentation2004
7Grzeskowiak, J. ; Marchetti, Martina ; Schmid, E.R. ; Katzke, M. ; Andersson, R. ; Jungbauer, Alois A proteomics approach to study stabilization of beer by ion-exchange treatmentKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2003