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Pavlik, Sonja
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1Dazinger, Georg ; Pavlik, Sonja ; Kirchner, Karl Recent insights into ruthenium PN-chemistry - quantum mechanical calculations to support reaction pathwaysPräsentation Presentation2008
2Becker, Eva ; Pavlik, Sonja ; Kirchner, Karl The Organometallic Chemistry of Group 8 Tris(pyrazolyl)borate ComplexesArtikel Article2008
3Pavlik, Sonja ; Kirchner, Karl ; Mereiter, Kurt (η³-Allyl(bromo(η⁵-cyclopentadienyl)(phenylaminodiphenylphosphine-κP)ruthenium(IV)hexafluorphosphateArtikel Article2006
4Pavlik, Sonja ; Jantscher, Florian ; Dazinger, Georg ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Kirchner, Karl Reactions of Ruthenium-Aminophosphane Complexes with Diynes: P-N Bond Activation and Formation of Novel Phosphaallyl, Azaallyl, and Aminocarbene ComplexesArtikel Article2006
5Pavlik, Sonja ; Puchberger, Michael ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Kirchner, Karl Synthesis and Reactivity of the Ruᴵᴵᴵ Complexes [RuTp(PR₃)Cl₂] - Precursors for the RuTp Dihydrogen ComplexesArtikel Article2006
6Pavlik, Sonja ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Puchberger, Michael ; Kirchner, Karl Reactions of Cationic Fragments [RuCp(PPh₂NHR)₂]⁺ and [RuTp(PPh₂NHR)₂]⁺ (R = Ph, n-Pr) with Alkynes: Formation of Four-Membered AzaphosphacarbenesArtikel Article2005
7Pavlik, Sonja ; Jantscher, Florian ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Kirchner, Karl Ruthenium-Mediated Insertion of an Unsaturated C4 Unit into P-N Bond of an Aminophosphine LigandArtikel Article2005
8Pavlik, Sonja ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Puchberger, Michael ; Kirchner, Karl Reaction of the RuTp(PR₃)Cl fragment with alkynols:Formation of carbene, vinylidene, allenylidene, and carbyne complexesArtikel Article2005
9Pavlik, Sonja ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Kirchner, Karl Formation of Four-membered Aza-Phospha-CarbenesKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2005
10Tenorio, Manuel Jimenez ; Puerta, M.Carmen ; Valerga, Pedro ; Pavlik, Sonja ; Kirchner, Karl ; Mereiter, Kurt Complejos [TpRuCl₂(PR₃)]: Precursores para la sintesis de derivados [TpRuH(H₂)(PR₃)]Präsentation Presentation2004