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Momeni, Mohammad
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1Momeni, Mohammad ; Danninger, Herbert ; Gierl-Mayer, Christian Electrical Conductivity and Physical Properties Of Sintered Steels Prepared from Different Base PowdersKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2020
2Momeni, Mohammad ; Danninger, Herbert ; Gierl-Mayer, Christian Changes in Pore Connectivity during Sintering of High Density Powder Compacts at Varying TemperaturesKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2019
3Momeni, Mohammad ; Danninger, Herbert ; Gierl-Mayer, Christian Study of the sintering process of two Cr-Mo prealloyed steels by thermal and chemical analysisKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2016
4Gierl-Mayer, Christian ; Momeni, Mohammad ; Danninger, Herbert ; Iovea, Mihai Production of ferrous PM-parts for calibration and demonstration of typical defect detection performance of in-line X-ray digital radiography equipmentKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2013
5Momeni, M ; Gierl, C ; Danninger, H ; Avakemian, A Thermoanalytical sintering studies of Fe-C admixed with ferroboron performed in different atmospheresArtikel Article2012
6Momeni, M. ; Gierl, C. ; Danninger, H. ; Mohsin, I. U. ; Arvand, A. Sintering of Fe-C-BN steel compacts in different atmospheres studied by dilatometry and DTA/TGArtikel Article2012
7Momeni, Mohammad ; Danninger, Herbert ; Gierl, Christian ; Dudrova, Eva ; Arvand, Abolghasem Relationship bertween tensile toughness and impact energy of Mo prealloyed and Ni-Cu-Mo diffusion bonded sintered steelsArtikel Article2011
8Momeni, Mohammad ; Gierl, Christian ; Danninger, Herbert Study of the oxide reduction and interstitial contents during sintering of different plain carbon steels by in situ mass spectrometry in nitrogen atmosphereArtikel Article2011
9Momeni, Mohammad Temperature and interstitial effects on physical and chemical processes during sintering of ferrous powder compactsThesis Hochschulschrift2010
10Kheirandish, Shahram ; Saghafian, Hasan ; Hedjazi, Jalal ; Momeni, Mohammad Effect of heat treatment on microstructure of modified cast AISI D3 cold work tool steelArtikel Article2010
11Momeni, Mohammad ; Gierl, Christian ; Danninger, Herbert Electrical conductivity and microstructural changes of sintered plain carbon steels prepared from different base powdersKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2009
12Momeni, Mohammad ; Gierl, Christian ; Danninger, Herbert Ratio tensile strength - Vickers hardness in sintered steels as a function of the sintering temperaturePräsentation Presentation2008
13Momeni, Mohammad ; Gierl, Christian ; Danninger, Herbert Ratio tensile strength - Vickers hardness in sintered steels as a function of the sintering temperaturesArtikel Article2008
14Danninger, Herbert ; Gierl, Christian ; Momeni, Mohammad ; Salak, Andrej Relationship between tensile strength and hardness in various grades of sintered iron and steelsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2008