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Thill, Jana

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1Halbwirth, Heidrun ; Miosic, Silvija ; Milosevic, Malvina ; Thill, Jana ; Stich, Karl ; Haselmair-Gosch, Christian Re-investigating substrate specificity of dihydroflavonol 4-reductase with respect to the B-ring hydroxylation pattern of substratesArtikel Article2019
2Khidr, Yehia A. ; Flachowsky, Henryk ; Haselmair-Gosch, Christian ; Thill, Jana ; Miosic, Silvija ; Hanke, Magda-Viola ; Stich, Karl ; Halbwirth, Heidi Evaluation of a MdMYB10/GFP43 fusion gene for its suitability to act as reporter gene in promoter studies in Fragaria vesca L. 'Rügen'Artikel Article2017
3Halbwirth, Heidrun ; Miosic, Silvija ; Milosevic, Malvina ; Thill, Jana ; Gosch, Christian ; Stich, Karl Re-investigating substrate specificity of dihydroflavanol 4-reductase with respect to the B-ring hydroxylation pattern of substratesKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2016
4Schwinn, Kathy ; Miosic, Silvija ; Davies, Kevin ; Thill, Jana ; Gotame, Tek Prasad ; Stich, Karl ; Halbwirth, Heidi The B-ring hydroxylation pattern of anthocyanins can be determined through activity of the flavonoid 30-hydroxylase on leucoanthocyanidinsArtikel Article2014
5Miosic, Silvija ; Thill, Jana ; Milosevic, Malvina ; Gosch, Christian ; Pober, Sabrina ; Molitor, Christian ; Ejaz, Shaghef ; Rompel, Annette ; Stich, Karl ; Halbwirth, Heidi Dihydroflavonol 4-reductase genes encode enzymes with contrasting substrate specificity and show divergent gene expression in Fragaria speciesArtikel Article2014
6Gosch, Christian ; Nagesh, Karthik Mudigere ; Thill, Jana ; Miosic, Silvija ; Plaschil, Sylvia ; Milosevic, Malvina ; Olbricht, Klaus ; Ejaz, Shaghef ; Rompel, Annette ; Stich, Karl ; Halbwirth, Heidi Isolation of Dihydroflavonol 4-Reductase cDNA Clones from Angelonia x angustifolia and Heterologous Expression as GST Fusion Protein in Escherichia coliArtikel Article2014
7Kaintz, Cornelia ; Molitor, Christian ; Thill, Jana ; Kampatsikas, Ioannis ; Michael, Claudia ; Halbwirth, Heidrun ; Rompel, Annette Cloning and functional expression in E. coli of a polyphenol oxidase transcript from Coreopsis grandiflora involved in aurone formationArtikel Article2014
8Kaintz, Cornelia ; Halbwirth, Heidrun ; Molitor, Christian ; Thill, Jana ; Kampatsikas, Ioannis ; Mauracher, Stephan ; Rompel, Annette ; Stich, Karl 4-Deoxyaurone Formation in Asteraceae speciesKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2014
9Miosic, Silvija ; Halbwirth, Heidrun ; Manidas, Amal ; Schlangen, Karin ; Thill, Jana ; Stich, Karl Substrate specificity of flavonoid 3'-hydroxylase and chalcone 3-hydroxylaseKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2013
10Halbwirth, Heidrun ; Thill, Jana ; Gosch, Christian ; Stich, Karl Naturally occurring dihydrokaempferol specialists: a novel type of dihydroflavonol 4-reductase with strong impact on the anthocyanin patternKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2013
11Halbwirth, Heidrun ; Schüller, Elisabeth ; Veberic, Robert ; Ahmed, Romel ; Mikulic-Petkovsek, Maja ; Thill, Jana ; Spörr, Theresa ; Keppel, Herbert ; Spornberger, Andreas ; Stampar, Franci ; Stich, Karl Back to black: Mechanisms for providing black coloration in flowers and fruitsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2013
12Halbwirth, Heidrun ; Thill, Jana ; Molitor, Christian Molecular Background of the substrate specificity of Dihydroflavonol 4-ReductasePräsentation Presentation2013
13Thill, Jana ; Miosic, Silvija ; Gotame, Tek Prasad ; Mikulic-Petkovsek, Maja ; Gosch, Christian ; Veberic, Robert ; Preuss, Anja ; Schwab, Wilfried ; Stampar, Franci ; Stich, Karl ; Halbwirth, Heidi Differential expression of flavonoid 3'-hydroxylase during fruit development establishes the different B-ring hydroxylation patterns of flavonoids in Fragaria x ananassa and Fragaria vescaArtikel Article2013
14Miosic, Silvija ; Knop, Katrin ; Hölscher, Dirk ; Greiner, Jürgen ; Gosch, Christian ; Thill, Jana ; Kai, Marco ; Shrestha, Binita Kumari ; Schneider, Bernd ; Crecelius, Anna C. ; Schubert, Ulrich S. ; Svatoš, Aleš ; Stich, Karl ; Halbwirth, Heidi 4-Deoxyaurone Formation in Bidens ferulifolia (Jacq.) DCArtikel Article2013
15Bizjak, Jan ; Weber, Nika ; Mikulic-Petkovsek, Maja ; Alam, Zobayer ; Thill, Jana ; Stich, Karl ; Halbwirth, Heidi ; Veberic, Robert Polyphenol gene expression and changes in anthocyanins and polyphenols in the skin of 'Braeburn' apples after the autumn application of prohexadione-calciumArtikel Article2013
16Halbwirth, Heidrun ; Miosic, Silvija ; Kampatsikas, Ioannis ; Thill, Jana ; Flachowsky, Henryk ; Hanke, Magda-Viola ; Stich, Karl Heterologous expression of genes involved in chalcone and aurone formation in microorganisms and plantsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2012
17Miosic, Silvija ; Pober, Sabrina ; Thill, Jana ; Gotame, Tek Prasad ; Slatnar, Ana ; Veberic, Robert ; Halbwirth, Heidrun ; Stich, Karl Polyphenol metabolism in different cultivars and developmental stages of strawberry (Fragaria) fruitsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2012
18Gosch, C. ; Flachowsky, H. ; Halbwirth, H. ; Thill, J. ; Mjka-Wittmann, R. ; Treutter, D. ; Richter, K. ; Hanke, M.-V. ; Stich, K. Substrate specificity and contribution of the glycosyltransferase UGT71A15 to phloridzin biosynthesisArtikel Article2012
19Thill, Jana ; Regos, Ionela ; Ahmad, Asma Faqir ; Halbwirth, Heidrun ; Treutter, Dieter ; Stich, Karl Polyphenol metabolism provides a screening tool for beneficial effects of sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia)Konferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2012
20Thill, Jana ; Regos, Ionela ; Farag, Mohamed A. ; Ahmad, Asma Faqir ; Kusek, Justyna ; Castro, Ana ; Schlangen, Karin ; Hayot, Christine ; Gadjev, Ilya ; Smith, Lydia ; Halbwirth, Heidrun ; Treutter, Dieter ; Stich, Karl Polyphenol metabolism provides a screening tool for beneficial effects of Onobrychis viciifolia (sainfoin)Artikel Article2012