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Reidl-Leuthner, Christoph
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1Moser, Harald ; Waclawek, Johannes Paul ; Reidl-Leuthner, Christoph ; Lendl, Bernhard Mid‐IR quantum cascade laser spectroscopy for trace gas measurements in environmental and process analytical applicationsPräsentation Presentation2015
2Reidl-Leuthner, Christoph ; Ofner, Johannes ; Tomischko, Wolfgang ; Lohninger, Hans ; Lendl, Bernhard Simultaneous Open-Path Determination of Road Side Mono-Nitrogen Oxides Employing Mid-IR Laser SpectroscopyArtikel Article2015
3Lendl, Bernhard ; Brandstetter, Markus ; Ofner, Johannes ; Waclawek, Johannes Paul ; Genner, Andreas ; Reidl-Leuthner, Christoph ; Ramer, Georg Quantum Cascade Lasers for process analytical chemistryPräsentation Presentation2014
4Ritter, Wolfgang ; Moser, Harald ; Waclawek, Johannes Paul ; Ofner, Johannes ; Reidl-Leuthner, Christoph ; Genner, Andreas ; Lendl, Bernhard MidIR Quantum Cascade Lasers: New opportunites for process analytical chemistryPräsentation Presentation2014
5Lendl, Bernhard ; Ritter, Wolfgang ; Moser, Harald ; Waclawk, Johannes ; Ofner, Johannes ; Reidl-Leuthner, Christoph ; Ramer, Georg Mid-IR Quantum Cascade Lasers: New Opportunities for Analytical ChemistryPräsentation Presentation2014
6Reidl-Leuthner, Christoph ; Viernstein, Alexander ; Wieland, Karin ; Tomischko, Wolfgang ; Sass, Ludwig ; Kinger, Gerald ; Ofner, Johannes ; Lendl, Bernhard Quasi-Simultaneous In-Line Flue Gas Monitoring of NO and NO2 Emissions at a Caloric Power Plant Employing Mid-IR Laser SpectroscopyArtikel Article2014
7Reidl-Leuthner, Christoph ; Lendl, Bernhard Development of an open-path / QCL- setup for intra-pulse determination of NO and NO2 emissionsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2013
8Reidl-Leuthner, Christoph ; Lendl, Bernhard Toward Stand-Off Open-Path Measurements of NO and NO₂ in the Sub-Parts Per Million Meter Range Using Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) in the Intra-Pulse Absorption ModeArtikel Article2013
9Reidl-Leuthner, Christoph ; Lendl, Bernhard Determination of NO & NO2 Emissions Using an Open-Path / QCL SetupKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2012
10Lendl, Bernhard ; Reidl-Leuthner, Christoph ; Ritter, Wolfgang Mid-IR quantum cascade lasers as an enabling technology for a new generation of chemical analyzers for liquidsArtikel Article2011
11Reidl-Leuthner, Christoph Comparison and optimization of analytical equipment (pilot) for possible use in the analytics of hydrocarbon content in oilfield waters : comparison of analytical results with existing procedures based on IR (DIN38409-H18) and GC (ISO9377-2 - H53)Thesis Hochschulschrift2011
12Reidl-Leuthner, Christoph ; Ritter, Wolfgang ; Kadnar, Rainer ; Lendl, Bernhard Analytics of Hydrocarbon Content in Oilfield WatersPräsentation Presentation2009