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1Hatvani, Lóránt ; Homa, Mónika ; Chenthamara, Komal ; Cai, Feng ; Kocsubé, Sándor ; Atanasova, Lea ; Mlinaric-Missoni, Emilija ; Manikandan, Palanisamy ; Revathi, Rajaraman ; Dóczi, Ilona ; Bogáts, Gábor ; Narendran, Venkatapathy ; Büchner, Rita ; Vágvölgyi, Csaba ; Druzhinina, Irina S ; Kredics, László Agricultural systems as potential sources of emerging human mycoses caused by Trichoderma: a successful, common phylotype of Trichoderma longibrachiatum in the frontlineArtikel Article2019
2Zhang, Jian ; Miao, Youzhi ; Rahimi, Mohammad Javad ; Zhu, Hong ; Steindorff, Andrei ; Schiessler, Sabine ; Cai, Feng ; Pang, Guan ; Chenthamara, Komal ; Xu, Yu ; Kubicek, Christian P. ; Shen, Qirong ; Druzhinina, Irina S. Guttation capsules containing hydrogen peroxide: an evolutionarily conserved NADPH oxidase gains a role in wars between related fungiArtikel Article2019
3Kubicek, Christian P. ; Steindorff, Andrei S. ; Chenthamara, Komal ; Manganiello, Gelsomina ; Henrissat, Bernard ; Zhang, Jian ; Cai, Feng ; Kopchinskiy, Alexey G. ; Kubicek, Eva M. ; Kuo, Alan ; Baroncelli, Riccardo ; Sarrocco, Sabrina ; Noronha, Eliane Ferreira ; Vannacci, Giovanni ; Shen, Qirong ; Grigoriev, Igor V. ; Druzhinina, Irina S. Evolution and comparative genomics of the most common Trichoderma speciesArtikel Article2019
4Cai, Feng ; Gao, Renwei ; Zhao, Zheng ; Ding, Mingyue ; Chenthamara-Kariyankode, Komal ; Akcapinar, Günseli Bayram ; Shen, Qirong ; Druzhinina, Irina Hydrophobins constitute the major part of the massive extracellular matrix of the conidiating Trichoderma colony and influence its fitness by modulating spore dispersal and survivalKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2019
5Chenthamara-Kariyankode, Komal ; Cai, Feng ; von Rotz, Sebastian ; Cervenka, Isabella ; Shen, Qirong ; Druzhinina, Irina The enrichment in hydrophobin-encoding genes constitutes the main genomic hallmark of Trichoderma: the pattern search revealed a plethora of unlmown genes absent in other hypocrealean fungiKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2019
6Druzhinina, Irina ; Chenthamara-Kariyankode, Komal ; Zhang, Jian ; Atanasova, Lea ; Yang, Dongqing ; Miao, Youzhi ; Rahimi, Mohammadjavad ; Grujic, Marica ; Cai, Feng ; Pourmehd, Shadi ; Pretzer, Carina ; Kopchinskiy, Alexey ; Kubicek, Christian Peter Massive lateral transfer of genes encoding plant cell wall-degrading enzymes to the mycoparasitic fungus Trichoderma from its plant-associated hostsArtikel Article2018
7Przylucka, Agnes ; Akcapinar, Gunseli Bayram ; Chenthamara, Komal ; Cai, Feng ; Grujic, Marica ; Karpenko, Juriy ; Livoi, Miriam ; Shen, Qirong ; Kubicek, Christian P. ; Druzhinina, Irina S. HFB7 - A novel orphan hydrophobin of the Harzianum and Virens clades of Trichoderma, is involved in response to biotic and abiotic stressesArtikel Article2017
8Yemelyanova, Tatyana ; Berezhinskiy, Vadimir ; Przylucka, Agnieszka ; Cai, Feng ; Akcapinar, Günseli Bayram ; Grothe, Hinrich ; Reimhult, Erik ; Druzhinina, Irina Hydrophobins as inactive excipients in the pharmaceutical and food industryKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2017
9Chenthamara-Kariyankode, Komal ; Cai, Feng ; Przylucka, Agnieszka ; Shen, Qirong ; Akcapinar, Günseli Bayram ; Druzhinina, Irina The Origin and Architecture of Trichoderma HydrophobomeKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2017
10Lobanov, Victor ; Cai, Feng ; Przylucka, Agnieszka ; Sidarenka, Lizaveta ; Shen, Qirong ; Druzhinina, Irina Production of Hydrophobins in the two expression systems based on TrichodermaKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2017
11Akcapinar, Günseli Bayram ; Camposeo, Tatyana ; Berezhinskiy, Vadimir ; Przylucka, Agnieszka ; Cai, Feng ; Mello de Sousa, Thiago M. ; Grothe, Hinrich ; Reimhult, Erik ; Mach-Aigner, Astrid R. ; Shen, Qirong ; Druzhinina, Irina Learning from fungi: new applications of the natural and engineered surfaceactive proteins from fungiKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2017
12Akcapinar, Günseli Bayram ; Przylucka, Agnieszka ; Cai, Feng ; Mello de Sousa, Thiago M. ; Grothe, Hinrich ; Reimhult, Erik ; Mach-Aigner, Astrid R. ; Shen, Qirong ; Druzhinina, Irina Rational design of novel Trichoderma hydrophobins for industrial applicationsKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2016
13Cai, Feng ; Akcapinar, Günseli Bayram ; Przylucka, Agnieszka ; Pang, Guan ; Shen, Qirong ; Druzhinina, Irina Hydrophobins of Trichoderma guizhouense inhibit tomato defence system for successful colonization of rhizosphereKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2016