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Apaydin, Dogukan Hazar
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1Rabl-2023-Communications Chemistry-vor.pdf.jpgRabl, Hannah ; Myakala, Stephen Nagaraju ; Rath, Jakob ; Fickl, Bernhard ; Schubert, Jasmin S ; Apaydin, Dogukan H ; Eder, Dominik Microwave-assisted synthesis of metal-organic chalcogenolate assemblies as electrocatalysts for syngas productionArticle Artikel 1-Mar-2023
2Rudatis-2023-ACS Omega-vor.pdf.jpgRudatis, Paolo ; Hrubesch, Jakob ; Kremshuber, Stefan ; Apaydin, Dogukan H ; Eder, Dominik Enhanced Oxygen Evolution Reaction Activity in Hematite Photoanodes: Effect of Sb-Li Co-DopingArticle Artikel 17-Jan-2023
3Rabl, Hannah ; Apaydin, Dogukan Hazar ; Eder, Dominik Microwave assisted synthesis of MOCHAs and their application in electrocatalytic syngas productionPresentation Vortrag15-Sep-2022
4Apaydin, Dogukan Hazar MOCHAs as Prospective Materials for Catalytic Reduction of Carbon DioxidePresentation Vortrag6-Sep-2022
5Gupta, Tushar ; Rosza, Nicole ; Sauer, Markus ; Götz, Alexander ; Winzely, Maximilian ; Rath, Jakob ; Naghdi, Shaghayegh ; Lechner, Andreas ; Apaydin, Dogukan H. ; Cherevan, Alexey ; Friedbacher, Gernot ; Foelske, Annette ; Skoff, Sarah M. ; Bayer, Bernhard C. ; Eder, Dominik Sonochemical Synthesis of Large Two-Dimensional Bi₂O₂CO₃ Nanosheets for Hydrogen Evolution in Photocatalytic Water SplittingArticle Artikel 28-Aug-2022
6Apaydin, Dogukan Hazar ; Bayer-Skoff, Bernhard Christian ; Arnault, Jean-Charles ; Eder, Dominik ; Pöttgen, Rainer ; Jüstel, Thomas ; Strassert, Cristian CarbonBook Contribution Buchbeitrag12-May-2022
7Apaydin, Dogukan Hazar Organic Semiconductors in Artificial Photosynthesis ApplicationsPresentation Vortrag28-Apr-2022
8Apaydin, Dogukan H. ; Farka, Dominik ; Schriber, Elyse ; Yeung, Matthew ; Gramse, Georg ; Sariciftci, Niyazi Serdar ; Eder, Dominik ; Hohman, J. Nathan Nanometer-Thick Thiophene Monolayers as Templates for the Gas-Phase Epitaxy of Poly(3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene) Films on Gold: Implications for Organic ElectronicsArticle Artikel 2022
9Apaydin, Dogukan Hazar Artificial Photosynthesis – What can we learn from nature to help nature?Presentation Vortrag27-Apr-2021
10Werner, D ; Apaydin, Dogukan Hazar ; Wielend, Dominik ; Geistlinger, Katharina ; Saputri, Wahyu D. ; Griesser, Ulrich J. ; Drazević, Emil ; Hofer, Thomas S. ; Portenkircher, Engelbert Analysis of the Ordering Effects in Anthraquinone Thin Films and Its Potential Application for Sodium Ion BatteriesArtikel Article 2021
11Apaydin, Dogukan H. A Beginner's Guide to Organic Semiconductor Photoelectrodes for the Reduction of Carbon DioxideArtikel Article 2021
12Werner, D ; Thöny, Alexander ; Winkler, Daniel ; Apaydin, Dogukan Hazar ; Loerting, Thomas ; Portenkirchner, Engelbert Substrate Dependent Charge Transfer Kinetics at the Solid/Liquid Interface of Carbon‐Based Electrodes with Potential Application for Organic Na‐Ion BatteriesArtikel Article 2021
13Liebl, Sebastian ; Werner, Daniel ; Apaydin, Dogukan H. ; Wielend, Dominik ; Geistlinger, Katharina ; Portenkirchner, Engelbert Perylenetetracarboxylic Diimide as Diffusion‐Less Electrode Material for High‐Rate Organic Na‐Ion BatteriesArtikel Article 2020

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PreviewAuthors / EditorsTitleTypeIssue Date
1Rabl, Hannah Microwave assisted synthesis of MOCHAs and their application in (photo)electrocatalytic syngas productionThesis Hochschulschrift 2022