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Untersmayr, Eva

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1Gasparotto, Erika ; Ret, Davide ; Knaus, Simone ; Untersmayr, Eva ; Dadra, Aayush ; Samadi, Nazanin Sialic Acid of Caco2 Cells: analysis and modifications of glycan surfacePräsentation Presentation2019
2Ret, Davide ; Gasparotto, Erika ; Dadra, Aayush ; Samadi, Nazanin ; Untersmayr, Eva ; Knaus, Simone Sialic Acid and PathologyPräsentation Presentation2019
3Ret, Davide ; Ammaturo, Antonio ; Untersmayr, Eva ; Knaus, Simone Preparation of functional polymers for glycan purification based on hydrazone solid phase extraction.Präsentation Presentation2021
4Ret-2022-Talanta-vor.pdf.jpgRet, Davide ; Stefenatti, Linda ; Gentile, Alessio ; Rohrhofer, Johanna ; Knaus, Simone ; Untersmayr, Eva DMTMM-mediated methylamidation for MALDI mass spectrometry analysis of N-glycans with structurally conserved sialic acid residues in biological fluids "via direttissima"Article Artikel 15-May-2022
5Ret, Davide ; Gasparotto, Erika ; Scaramuzza, Davide ; Samadi, Nazanin ; Untersmayr, Eva ; Knaus, Simone Development of neuraminidase resistant glycolylneuraminic acid functionalized supports for immunological applicationPräsentation Presentation2020
6Ret, Davide ; Gasparotto, Erika ; Weidmann, Eleonore ; Samadi, Nazanin ; Geiselhart, Sabine ; Untersmayr, Eva Concentrations of AGEs Precursors in Different Mouse Chow Preparations in Comprison with Human FoodPräsentation Presentation2019
7Ret, Davide ; Ammaturo, Antonio ; Untersmayr, Eva ; Knaus, Simone Carbohydrate based polymers for biomedical applicationPräsentation Presentation2021