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Manzano, Blanca R.

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1Dura, Gema ; Carrion, M.C. ; Jalon, Felix A. ; Manzano, Blanca R. ; Rodriguez, Ana M. ; Mereiter, Kurt Robust 2D coordination networks from a two-step assembly process with predesigned silver cyclic dimers and hexamethylenetetramineArtikel Article2015
2Espino, Gustavo ; Jalón, Félix A. ; Manzano, Blanca R. ; Pérez-Manrique, Mercedes ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Quiñonero, David Synthesis and structure of cis-[RuCl(bpzm)(κ¹-P-dpim)(κ²-P,N-dpim)]Cl.(CHCl₃)₅. Stability of [Cl(HCCl₃)ₙ]⁻ aggregatesArtikel Article2012
3Ortiz, M. Isabel ; Soriano, M. Laura ; Carranza, M. Pilar ; Jalón, Félix A. ; Steed, Jonathan W. ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Rodríguez, Ana M. ; Quiñonero, David ; Deyà, Pere M. ; Manzano, Blanca R. New [2x2] Copper(I) Grids as Anion Receptors. Effect of Ligand Functionalization on the Ability to Host Counterions by Hydrogen BondsArtikel Article2010
4Espino, Gustavo ; Xiao, Li ; Puchberger, Michael ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Spindler, Felix ; Manzano, Blanca R. ; Jalón, Félix A. ; Weissensteiner, Walter Synthesis, coordination behaviour, structural features and use in asymmetric hydrogenations of bifep-type biferrocenesArtikel Article2009
5Manzano, Blanca R. ; Jalon, Felix A. ; Soriano, M. Laura ; Carrion, M.C. ; Carranza, M. Pilar ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Rodriguez, Ana M. ; de la Hoz, Antonio ; Sanchez-Migallon, Ana Anion-Dependent Self -Assembly of Siver(I) and Diaminotriazines to Coordination Polymers: Non-Covalent Bonds and Role Interchange between Silver and Hydrogen BondsArtikel Article2008
6Manzano, Blanca R. ; Jalon, Felix A. ; Ortiz, Isabel M. ; Soriano, M. Laura ; Gomez-de la Torre, Felipe ; Elguero, Jose ; Maestro, Miguel A. ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Claridge, Tim D. W. Self-assembly of Ligands Designed for the Building of a New Type of [2x2] Metallic Grid. Anion Encapsulation and Diffusion NMR SpectroscopyArtikel Article2008
7Carrion, M.C. ; Jalon, Felix A. ; Lopez-Agenjo, Ana M. ; Manzano, Blanca R. ; Mereiter, Kurt Pd(0) and Pd(II) derivatives with heteroannularly bridged chiral ferrocenyl diphosphine ligands - a stereochemical analysis.Artikel Article2006
8Carrion, M.C. ; Garcia-Vaquero, E. ; Jalon, Felix A. ; Manzano, Blanca R. ; Weissensteiner, Walter ; Mereiter, Kurt Formation of Fischer-type aminocarbenes by a double C-H bond activation of a methylamino groupArtikel Article2006
9Sturm, Thomas ; Abad, B. ; Weissensteiner, Walter ; Mereiter, Kurt ; Manzano, Blanca R. ; Jalon, Felix A. Palladium-catalysed allylic alkylations and aminations with hetero- and homoannularly bridged bidentate ferrocene ligandsArtikel Article2006