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Granitzer, P.

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1Granitzer, P. ; Rumpf, K. ; Gonzalez-Rodriguez, R. ; Coffer, J. L. ; Reissner, M. The effect of nanocrystalline silicon host on magnetic properties of encapsulated iron oxide nanoparticlesArtikel Article2015
2Rumpf, K. ; Granitzer, P. ; Koshida, N. ; Poelt, P. ; Michor, H. Morphology Controlled Magnetic Interactions in Metal Embedded Porous Silicon NanostructuresArtikel Article2015
3Granitzer, P. ; Rumpf, K. ; Coffer, J. ; Poelt, P. ; Reissner, M. Assessment of Magnetic Properties of Nanostructured Silicon Loaded with Superparamagnetic Iron Oxid NanoparticlesArtikel Article2015
4Granitzer, P. ; Rumpf, K. ; Tian, Y. ; Akkaraju, G. ; Coffer, J. ; Poelt, P. ; Reissner, M. Fe₃O₄-nanoparticles within porous silicon: Magnetic and cytotoxicity characterizationArtikel Article2013
5Rumpf, K. ; Granitzer, P. ; Poelt, P. ; Reissner, M. Specific loading of porous silicon with iron oxide nanoparticles to achieve different blocking temperaturesArtikel Article2013
6Granitzer, P. ; Rumpf, K. ; Ohta, T. ; Koshida, N. ; Reissner, M. ; Poelt, P. Enhanced magentic anisotropy of Ni nanowire arrays fabricated on nanotructured silicon templetesArtikel Article2012
7Rumpf, K. ; Granitzer, P. ; Hilscher, G. ; Albu, M. ; Poelt, P. Magnetically interacting low dimensional Ni-nanostructures within porous siliconArtikel Article2012
8Granitzer, P. ; Rumpf, K. ; Venkatesan, M. ; Cabrera, L. ; Roca, A. G. ; Morales, M. P. ; Poelt, P. ; Albu, M. ; Ali, K. ; Reissner, M. Magnetic behaviour of a magnetite/silicon nanocompositeArtikel Article2011