Manuskripte beziehungsweise vorläufige Versionen eines Artikels, welche auf einem öffentlichen Server hochgeladen wurden und zur Einreichung bei einer Zeitschrift vorgesehen sind. Ein Preprint hat noch keinen Peer-Review-Prozess durchlaufen.

Manuscripts or preliminary versions of an article that have been uploaded to a public server and are intended for submission to a journal. A preprint has not yet undergone a peer review process.

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Himmelbauer-2024-The Vienna Architecture Description Language-smur.pdf.jpgHimmelbauer, Simon ; Hochrainer, Christoph ; Huber, Benedikt Lukas ; Mischkulnig, Niklas ; Paulweber, Philipp , et alThe Vienna Architecture Description LanguagePreprint Preprint 14-Feb-2024
Stummer-2024-Direct Frequency-Mode-Stable Laser Amplification at Terahertz...-ao.pdf.jpgStummer, Vinzenz ; Flöry, Tobias ; Schneller, Matthias ; Kaksis, Edgar ; Zeiler, Markus , et alDirect Frequency-Mode-Stable Laser Amplification at Terahertz Burst RatesPreprint Preprint 14-Jul-2023
Xie-2024-Generation of 210 GW few-cycle ultraviolet laser pulses-smur.pdf.jpgXie, Xinhua ; Hung, Yi ; Deng, Yunpei ; Cavalieri, A. L. ; Baltuska, Andrius , et alGeneration of 210 GW few-cycle ultraviolet laser pulsesPreprint Preprint 31-Jul-2023
Hu-2023-Hyper Spectral Resolution Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy with Amp...-smur.pdf.jpgHu, Hongtao ; Flöry, Tobias ; Stummer, Vinzenz ; Pugzlys, Audrius ; Zeiler, Markus , et alHyper Spectral Resolution Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy with Amplified fs Pulse BurstsPreprint Preprint 25-May-2023
Bicher-2023-Model Families for Multi-Criteria Decision Support A COVID-1...-smur.pdf.jpgBicher, Martin ; Rippinger, Claire ; Urach, Christoph ; Brunmeir, Dominik ; Zechmeister, Melanie , et alModel Families for Multi-Criteria Decision Support: A COVID-19 Case StudyPreprint Preprint 22-Jun-2023
Budianto, Flora Inflation Targets and the Zero Lower BoundPreprint Preprint27-Jan-2023
Damian, Camilla ; Frey, Rüdiger Detecting Rough Volatility: A Filtering ApproachPreprint Preprint24-Feb-2023
Aronsson, Jimmy ; Müller, David ; Schuh, Daniel Geometrical aspects of lattice gauge equivariant convolutional neural networksPreprint Preprint23-Mar-2023
Ramer, Georg ; Yilmaz, Ufuk ; Sam, Savda ; Lendl, Bernhard Bottom-illuminated photothermal nanoscale chemical imaging with a flat silicon ATR in air and liquidPreprint Preprint26-Sep-2023
Kretschmer, Andreas ; Mayrhofer, Paul Heinz Explaining the Entropy Forming Ability with the atomic size mismatchPreprint Preprint11-May-2023
Rothenbuchner, Lukas ; Neudorfer, Christoph ; Fallmann, Markus ; Toth, Florian ; Schirrer, Alexander , et alEfficient feedforward sloshing suppression strategy for liquid transportPreprint Preprint30-Sep-2023
Kluemper-2023-Microbiome diversity A barrier to the environmental spread...-smur.pdf.jpgKlümper, Uli ; Gionchetta, Giulia ; Catao, Elisa C. P. ; Bellanger, Xavier ; Dielacher, Irina , et alMicrobiome diversity: A barrier to the environmental spread of antimicrobial resistance?Preprint Preprint 25-Apr-2023
Sedmik, Rene ; Urech, Alexander ; Zalevsky, Zeev ; Carmeli, Itai Efficient Reduction of Casimir Forces by Self-assembled Bio-molecular Thin FilmsPreprint Preprint28-Jun-2023
Rauch-2023-Estimating actual SARS-CoV-2 infections from secondary data-smur.pdf.jpgRauch, Wolfgang ; Schenk, Hannes ; Rauch, Nikolaus ; Harders, Mathias ; Oberacher, Herbert , et alEstimating actual SARS-CoV-2 infections from secondary dataPreprint Preprint 4-Oct-2023
Neubauer, Lukas ; Filzmoser, Peter Improving Forecasts for Heterogeneous Time Series by "Averaging", with Application to Food Demand ForecastPreprint Preprint27-Nov-2023
Baksova, Klara ; Leskovjanová, Olga ; Mišta, Ladislav ; Agudelo Ospina, Elizabeth ; Friis, Nicolai Multi-copy activation of genuine multipartite entanglement in continuous-variable systemsPreprint Preprint27-Dec-2023
Schuster, Maximilian Roman ; Dirkes, Nico ; Key, Fabian ; Elgeti, Stefanie ; Behr, Marek Exploring the Influence of Parametrized Pulsatility on Left Ventricular Washout under LVAD Support: A Computational Study Using Reduced-Order ModelsPreprint Preprint11-Oct-2023
Key, Fabian ; Freinberger, Lukas A Formulation of Structural Design Optimization Problems for Quantum AnnealingPreprint Preprint30-Nov-2023
Brauner, Leo ; Ortega Moreno, Oscar Adrian Fixed Points of Mean Section OperatorsPreprint Preprint23-Feb-2023
Setty, Chandan ; Sur, Shouvik ; Chen, Lei ; Xie, Fang ; Hu, Haoyu , et alSymmetry constraints and spectral crossing in a Mott insulator with Green’s function zerosPreprint Preprint31-Jan-2023
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in descending order): 1 to 20 of 313
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