Proceedings of the 20th Conference on Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design – FMCAD 2020

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Proceedings of the 20th Conference on Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design – FMCAD 2020
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Conference Series: Formal Methods in Computer-Aided Design
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1Dureja, Rohit ; Baumgartner, Jason ; Kanzelman, Robert ; Williams, Mark ; Rozier, Kristin Y. ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer Accelerating Parallel Verification via Complementary Property Partitioning and Strategy ExplorationInproceedings2020
2Lahiri, Shuvendu K. ; Lal, Akash ; Gopinath, Sridhar ; Nutz, Alexander ; Levin, Vladimir ; Kumar, Rahul ; Deisinger, Nate ; Lichtenberg, Jakob ; Bansal, Chetan ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer Angelic Checking within Static Driver Verifier: Towards high-precision defects without (modeling) costInproceedings2020
3Nadel, Alexander ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer Anytime Algorithms for MaxSAT and BeyondInproceedings2020
4Lin, Xuankang ; Zhu, He ; Samanta, Roopsha ; Jagannathan, Suresh ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer ART: Abstraction Refinement-Guided Training for Provably Correct Neural NetworksInproceedings2020
5Zhang, Zichao ; de Amorim, Arthur Azevedo ; Jia, Limin ; Pasareanu, Corina S. ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer Automating Compositional Analysis of Authentication ProtocolsInproceedings2020
6Pick, Lauren ; Fedyukovich, Grigory ; Gupta, Aarti ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer Automating Modular Verification of Secure Information FlowInproceedings2020
7Chatterje, Prantik ; Roy, Subhajit ; Phi Diep, Bui ; Lal, Akash ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer Distributed Bounded Model CheckingInproceedings2020
8Fedotov, Alexander ; Keiren, Jeroen J.A. ; Schmaltz, Julien ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer Effective System Level Liveness VerificationInproceedings2020
9Bueno, Denis ; Cox, Arlen ; Sakallah, Karem ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer EUFicient Reachability for Software with ArraysInproceedings2020
10Schrammel, Peter ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer The FMCAD 2020 Student ForumInproceedings2020
11Alamdari, Parand Alizadeh ; Avni, Guy ; Henzinger, Thomas A. ; Lukina, Anna ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer Formal Methods with a Touch of MagicInproceedings2020
12Kugler, Hillel ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer Formal Verification for Natural and Engineered Biological SystemsInproceedings2020
13Kupferman, Orna ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer From Correctness to High QualityInproceedings2020
14Schrammel, Peter ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer How testable is business software?Inproceedings2020
15Asadi, Sepideh ; Blicha, Martin ; Hyvärinen, Antti ; Fedyukovich, Grigory ; Sharygina, Natasha ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer Incremental Verification by SMT-based Summary RepairInproceedings2020
16Ehlers, Rüdiger ; Gavran, Ivan ; Neider, Daniel ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer Learning Properties in LTL ∩ ACTL from Positive Examples OnlyInproceedings2020
17Klimis, Vasileios ; Parisis, Georg ; Reus, Bernhard ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer Model Checking Software-Defined Networks with Flow Entries that Time OutInproceedings2020
18Nadel, Alexander ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer On Optimizing a Generic Function in SATInproceedings2020
19Wu, Haoze ; Ozdemir, Alex ; Zeljic, Aleksandar ; Julian, Kyle ; Irfan, Ahmed ; Gopinath, Divya ; Fouladi, Sadjad ; Katz, Guy ; Pasareanu, Corina ; Barrett, Clark ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer Parallelization Techniques for Verifying Neural NetworksInproceedings2020
20Kaufmann, Daniela ; Fleury, Mathias ; Biere, Armin ; Ivrii, Alexander ; Strichman, Ofer The Proof Checkers Pacheck and Pastèque for the Practical Algebraic CalculusInproceedings2020