Studies in Computational Intelligence

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Studies in Computational Intelligence
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Next Generation Data Technologies for Collective Computational Intelligence

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1Mahyar, Hamidreza ; Hasheminezhad, Rouzbeh ; Ghalebi, Elahe ; Grosu, Radu ; Stanley, H. Eugene A Compressive Sensing Framework for Distributed Detection of High Closeness Centrality Nodes in NetworksKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2018
2Novák, Petr ; Kadera, Petr ; Jirkovský, Václav ; Vrba, Pavel ; Biffl, Stefan Engineering of Coupled Simulation Models for Mechatronic SystemsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2015
3Novak, Petr ; Melik-Merkumians, Martin ; Steinegger, Michael ; Moser, Thomas ; Sindelar, Radek ; Zoitl, Alois Extraction of Automation System Engineering Knowledge for Mapping Plant and Simulation InterfacesBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2013
4Zeckl, Julia ; Wastian, Matthias ; Brunmeir, Dominik ; Rappelsberger, Andrea ; Arseniev, Sergei B. ; Adlassnig, Klaus-Peter From Machine Learning to Knowledge-Based Decision Support—A Predictive-Model-Markup-Language-to-Arden-Syntax Transformer for Decision TreesBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2021