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1Weinmüller, Ewa Adaptive Solution of Singular Boundary Value Problems in ODEsPräsentation Presentation2007
2Weinmüller, Ewa Advances in Adaptive Grid Selection for Boundary Value Problems in ODEsPräsentation Presentation2006
3Weinmüller, Ewa Analysis and Numerical Treatment of Singular BVPsPräsentation Presentation2006
4Reindl, Florian Annual modulation searches for dark matter and the COSINUS experimentPräsentation Presentation2019
5Sterba, Johannes H. Archäometrie: Neutronenaktivierungsanalyse von KeramikPräsentation Presentation2017
6Gräfe, Stefanie Attosecond electron localization dynamics in laser- induced electron re-collisionPräsentation Presentation2009
7Sterba, Johannes H. Basic Nuclear PhysicsPräsentation Presentation2014
8Dillinger, Thomas CENTROPE - Central European RegionPräsentation Presentation2010
9Rauschenbeutel, Arno Chiral interaction of light and matter in confined geometriesPräsentation Presentation2015
10Schattschneider, Peter Circular dichroism in the electron microscope: Principle and progressPräsentation Presentation2010
11Schmitt, Andreas Color superconductivity in dense quark matterPräsentation Presentation2008
12Schmitt, Andreas Color superconductivity in the QCD phase diagram and in compact starsPräsentation Presentation2011
13Schmitt, Andreas Color superconductivity: recent developments and astrophysical applicationsPräsentation Presentation2008
14Kopel, Michael ; Löffler, Clemens Committment, First Mover, and Second-Mover AdvantagePräsentation Presentation2007
15Sihver, Lembit Comparison of consequences in Sweden and Japan after nuclear accidentsPräsentation Presentation2015
16Gräfe, Stefanie Control of electronic wavepacket dynamics in atomic and molecular systemsPräsentation Presentation2010
17Hirschler, Petra Cooperation in Austria's urban agglomerationsPräsentation Presentation2010
18Putz, Stefan ; Krimer, D. ; Amsüss, R. ; Nöbauer, Tobias ; Schmiedmayer, Hannes-Jörg ; Rotter, Stefan ; Majer, J. Coupling Spins and Diamond Color Centers to Superconducting CavitiesPräsentation Presentation2014
19Rauschenbeutel, Arno Coupling, controlling, and processing non-transversal photons with a single atomPräsentation Presentation2014
20Schmiedmayer, Hannes-Jörg Cover a wide range, from many-body quantum physics with ultracold atoms to interconnecting quantum systems from photons, atoms, and spins, and superconducting quantum circuitsPräsentation Presentation2015