Event name
Alpine Verification Meeting
Event type
Event for scientific audience
Start date
IST Austria
Event format Veranstaltungsformat
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1John, Annu ; Konnov, Igor ; Schmid, Ulrich ; Veith, Helmut ; Widder, Josef Counter Attack against Byzantine GeneralsPräsentation Presentation2012
2Lonsing, Florian Evaluating QBF Solvers: Quantifier Alternations MatterPräsentation Presentation2017
3Veith, Helmut How did you specify your test suite?Präsentation Presentation2011
4Lonsing, Florian Incremental QBF SolvingPräsentation Presentation2014
5Dragan, Ioan Lingva: Generating and Proving Program Properties using Symbol EliminationPräsentation Presentation2014
6Dragan, Ioan Solving systems of linear inequalities using Bound Propagation in VampirePräsentation Presentation2013