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ÖMG-Tagung-CSASC 2011
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Event for scientific audience
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1Kraus, Veronika Associative and commutative tree representations for Boolean functionsPräsentation Presentation2011
2Gittenberger, Bernhard Boolean functions in the implicational fragment: On the number of Boolean expressions and its relation to the function complexityPräsentation Presentation2011
3Dorninger, Dietmar Characterizing generalized fields of events by structural propertiesPräsentation Presentation2011
4Morgenbesser, Johannes Combinatorial properties of the Thue-Morse sequencePräsentation Presentation2011
5Bruner, Marie-Louise Enumerative formulae for multiset-permutations avoiding the pattern 122 and another pattern for length threePräsentation Presentation2011
6Auzinger, Winfried Krylov subspace techniques for rational integratorsPräsentation Presentation2011
7Zeiner, Martin Limit laws of the Rogers-Szegö-distributionPräsentation Presentation2011
8Seitz, Georg Local minima in treesPräsentation Presentation2011
9Herfort, Wolfgang ; Zalesskii, Pavel Pro-$p$ Groups Acting with Finite Stabilizers on a pro-$p$ Tree, jointly with Pavel Zalesskii (UNB)Präsentation Presentation2011
10Panholzer, Alois Some new results for deriving hook-lenght formulas for treesPräsentation Presentation2011
11Chajda, Ivan ; Länger, Helmut Symmetric differences on posets with an antitone involutionPräsentation Presentation2011
12Drmota, Michael Universal exponents and tail estimates in the enumeration of planar mapsPräsentation Presentation2011