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TXRF 2011 Conference
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Event for scientific audience
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Dortmund, Germany
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1Meirer, F. ; Pepponi, Giancarlo ; Ingerle, D. ; Sahiner, M.A. ; Giubertoni, D. ; Demenev, E. ; Foad, M.A. ; Woicik, J.C. ; Mehta, A. ; Streli, Christina ; Pianetta, P. Characterization of ultra shallow arsenic implants in silicon using grazing incidence and grazing exit x-ray spectroscopyPräsentation Presentation2011
2Ingerle, D. ; Pepponi, Giancarlo ; Meirer, F. ; Streli, Christina ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; van den Berg, J.A. ; Reading, M.A. Combined approach of GIXRF+XRR for Characterization of thin films on Si wafersPräsentation Presentation2011
3Wastl, A. ; Bogner, B. ; Kregsamer, Peter ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Streli, Christina Gunshot residue investigations using TXRFPräsentation Presentation2011
4Horntrich, C. ; Kregsamer, Peter ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Nutsch, A. ; Streli, Christina Improvement of calibration processes in TXRF of wafer surface analysis: Investigation of saturation effects in TXRF by comparing different sample shapesPräsentation Presentation2011
5Horntrich, C. ; Kregsamer, Peter ; Smolek, S. ; Maderitsch, A. ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Simon, R. ; Nutsch, A. ; Streli, Christina Influence of the excitation energy on absorption effects in TXRF analysisPräsentation Presentation2011
6Kregsamer, Peter ; Nutsch, A. ; Borionetti, G. ; Beckhoff, B. ; Müller, M. ; Polignano, M.L. ; Pepponi, Giancarlo ; Fittschen, U. ; Streli, Christina Round robin test for TXRF and ToF-SIMS on various types of Ni samples on Si wafer surfaces within the network ANNAPräsentation Presentation2011
7Margui, E. ; Floor, G. ; Hidalgo, M. ; Ross, G. R. ; Streli, Christina ; Queralt, I. The use of total reflection xray sepctrometry (TXRF) in kinetic sutdies of mass limited samples: application to selenium adsorption in volcanic ashesPräsentation Presentation2011
8Polgari, Z. ; Szoboszlai, N. ; Ajtony, Zs. ; Kregsamer, Peter ; Streli, Christina ; Réti, Andrea ; Budai, B. ; Mihucz, V.G. ; Zaray, G. TXRF and GF-AAS methods for the determination of Fe, Cu and Zn in human cell samplesPräsentation Presentation2011
9Felling, C. ; Prost, Josef ; Wobrauschek, Peter TXRF Sepctrometer - Design with 50 W Mo tube and SDDPräsentation Presentation2011