15th Int. Conference on TXRF and related methods

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15th Int. Conference on TXRF and related methods
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Event for scientific audience
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Osaka, Japan
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Solo Exhibition
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1Misra, N.L. ; Kanrar, B. ; Aggarwal, S.K. ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Streli, Christina A comparative study on TXRF determinations of low atomic number elements in air, helium and vacuum atmospheresPräsentation Presentation2013
2Szoboszlai, N. ; Gaál, A. ; Bsze, Sz. ; Majer, Z. ; Pepponi, Giancarlo ; Meirer, F. ; Ingerle, D. ; Streli, Christina Charact Determination and speciation of Rh in cancer cells by TXRF and K-edge SR TXRF XANESPräsentation Presentation2013
3Schiebl, M. ; Ingerle, D. ; Streli, Christina ; Wobrauschek, Peter Characterization of thin films on Si wafers by GIXRF in combination with XRRPräsentation Presentation2013
4Prost, Josef ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Streli, Christina Comparison of different excitation modes for the analysis of light elements with vacuum TXRFPräsentation Presentation2013
5Fittschen, U. ; Menzel, M. ; Scharf, O. ; Radtke, Martin ; Reinholz, Uwe ; Buzanich, G. ; Montoya, V.M. ; McIntosh, K. ; Horntrich, C. ; Streli, Christina ; Havrilla, G.J. Evaluation of total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF) analysis using a color X-ray camera (CXC)Präsentation Presentation2013
6Pepponi, Giancarlo ; Meirer, F. ; Brigidi, Fabio ; Demenev, E. ; Giubertoni, D. ; Gennaro, S. ; Bersani, M. ; Ingerle, D. ; Streli, Christina ; Steinhauser, Georg ; Mehta, A. ; Pianetta, P. ; Vishwanath, V. ; Foad, M.A. GIXRF and GEXRF analysis of PIII ultra shallow arsenic profiles in SiliconPräsentation Presentation2013
7Mihucz, V.G. ; Szoboszlai, N. ; Meirer, F. ; Szigeti, T. ; Polgari, Z. ; Ingerle, D. ; Pepponi, Giancarlo ; Appel, K. ; Majer, Z. ; Streli, Christina K-edge TXRF-XANES for elemental speciation in biological matricesPräsentation Presentation2013
8Rauwolf, Mirjam ; Ingerle, D. ; Pemmer, B. ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Streli, Christina ; Pahlke, A. Low Z TXRF measurements with a new Ketek SDD detectorPräsentation Presentation2013
9Ingerle, D. ; Pepponi, Giancarlo ; Meirer, F. ; Giubertoni, D. ; Demenev, E. ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Streli, Christina New approach for characterization of ultra-shallow implants by simultaneous evaluation of GIXRF and XRRPräsentation Presentation2013
10Streli, Christina SR-TXRF and SR-TXRF-XANESPräsentation Presentation2013
11Wobrauschek, Peter The role of IAEA in the spreading of TXRFPräsentation Presentation2013
12Rauwolf, Mirjam ; Vanhoof, Christine ; Tirez, K. ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Ingerle, D. ; Streli, Christina TXRF measurements of S and P in proteins using a special TXRF vacuum chamber for low Z elementsPräsentation Presentation2013
13Maderitsch, A. ; Smolek, S. ; Wobrauschek, Peter ; Takman, P. ; Streli, Christina TXRF with liquid metal jet tubePräsentation Presentation2013
14Caby, B. ; Nolot, E. ; Chateigner, D. ; Morales, M. ; Streli, Christina ; Pepponi, Giancarlo ; Gergaud, P. ; Lutterotti, L. ; Ingerle, D. ; Brigidi, Fabio XRR & GiXRF combined analysis of TCO/metal/TCO structures for photovoltaic applicationsPräsentation Presentation2013