Event name
SFB Meeting 2015
Event type
Event for scientific audience
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End date
Innsbruck, Austria
Event format Veranstaltungsformat
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1Rauschenbeutel, Arno Chiral interaction of light and matter in confined geometriesPräsentation Presentation2015
2Volz, Jürgen Chiral photons in nanophotonic waveguides: Realization of an optical diodePräsentation Presentation2015
3Walser, Stefan Directional photon emission - beyond paraxial approximationPräsentation Presentation2015
4Rauer, Bernhard ; Grisins, Pjotrs ; Mazets, Igor ; Schweigler, Thomas ; Rohringer, Wolfgang ; Geiger, Remi ; Langen, Tim ; Schmiedmayer, Hannes-Jörg Dissipative cooling of a one-dimensional Bose gasPräsentation Presentation2015
5Lemonde, Marc-Antoine Enhanced nonlinear interactions in quantum optomechanics via mechanical amplificationPräsentation Presentation2015
6Fratini, Filippo ; Mascarenhas, E. ; Safari, L. ; Poizat, J.-Ph. ; Valente, D. ; Auffeves, A. ; Gerace, D. ; Santos, M. Fabry-Perot Interferometer with Quantum MirrorsPräsentation Presentation2015
7Schweigler, Thomas ; Kasper, V. ; Erne, Sebastian ; Rauer, Bernhard ; Langen, Tim ; Gasenzer, Thomas ; Berges, J. ; Schmiedmayer, Hannes-Jörg Gaussian and non-Gaussian phase-fluctuations between two 1D quasi-condensates in and out of equilibriumPräsentation Presentation2015
8Salter, Cameron ; Vasconcelos, R. ; Reisenbauer, Sarah ; Wachter, Georg ; Ladinig, F. ; Schmiedmayer, Hannes-Jörg ; Walther, P. ; Trupke, Michael Light interfaces for nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamondPräsentation Presentation2015
9Kepesidis, Kosmas ; Milburn, Thomas ; Makris, K.G. ; Rotter, Stefan ; Rabl, Peter PT-symmetry breaking in the steady state of coupled phonon lasersPräsentation Presentation2015