80. Jahrestagung der DPG und DPG-Frühjahrstagung

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80. Jahrestagung der DPG und DPG-Frühjahrstagung
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Event for scientific audience
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1Pavelec, Jiri CO₂ and Water Adsorption on the Fe₃O₄(001) SurfacePräsentation Presentation2016
2Redinger, Josef DFT calculations of the electronic and atomic structure of metal-oxide nanowires formed on Ir(100)Präsentation Presentation2016
3Mayr-Schmölzer, Wernfried DFT study of metallic adsorbates on bulk and thin films of ZirconiaPräsentation Presentation2016
4Mayr-Schmölzer, Wernfried Dissociated but not separated: Adsorption of water at the SrO surface of ruthenatesPräsentation Presentation2016
5Lackner, Peter Investigation of monolayer-thick ZrO₂ films created by sputter depositionPräsentation Presentation2016
6Gloss, Jonas Ion-beam-induced magnetic and structural phase transformation of fcc Fe thin films on different substratesPräsentation Presentation2016
7Wagner, Margareta Single molecules of Sexiphenyl on In₂O₃(111)Präsentation Presentation2016
8Bliem, Roland Single Rh adatoms at the Fe₃O₄(001) surface and their interaction with gas moleculesPräsentation Presentation2016
9Schmid, Michael SMSI effect of a non-reducible oxide: ZrO₂/metal inverse model catalystsPräsentation Presentation2016
10Setvin, Martin Surface Chemistry of Oxygen and Water on Anatase TiO₂; invited talkPräsentation Presentation2016
11Diebold, Ulrike Ternary oxides with the perovskite structure exhibit an intriguingly rich variety in their physical and chemical properties; invited talkPräsentation Presentation2016