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Acta Mechanica
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Prinz-Eugen-Strasse 8-10, Vienna, Austria, A-1040
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1Bilik, C. ; Pahr, D. H. ; Rammerstorfer, F. G. A Bead Laying Algorithm for Enhancing the Stability and Dynamic Behavior of Thin-Walled StructuresArtikel Article2012
2Bucher, Christian A family of triangular and tetrahedral elements with rotational degrees of freedomArtikel Article 2018
3Kaveh, A. ; Nasab, E. Naseri A New Four-Node Quadrilateral Plate Bending Element for Highly Sparse and Banded Flexibilty MatricesArtikel Article2010
4Kuttke, Patricia ; Hellmich, Christian ; Scheiner, Stefan A Principle of Virtual Power-Based Beam Model Reveals Discontinuities in Elastic Support as Potential Sources of Stress Peaks in Tramway RailsArtikel Article 2020
5Hametner, Christoph ; Edelmann, Johannes ; Jakubek, Stefan ; Mack, Werner An advanced algorithm for partitioning and parameter estimation in local model networks and its application to vehicle vertical dynamicsArtikel Article2012
6Irschik, Hans ; Heuer, Rudolf Analogies for simply supported nonlocal Kirchhoff plates of polygonal planformArtikel Article 2018
7Paulmichl, Ivan ; Adam, Christoph ; Adam, Dietmar Analytical modeling of the stick-slip motion of an oscillation drumArtikel Article 2019
8Arslan, Eray ; Eraslan, Ahmet Nedim Analytical solution to the bending of a nonlinearly hardening wide curved barArtikel Article2010
9Bamer, F. ; Bucher, C. Application of the proper orthogonal decomposition for linear and nonlinear structures under transient excitationsArtikel Article2012
10Binder, Eva ; Wang, Hui ; Zhang, Jiao-Long ; Schlappal, Thomas ; Yuan, Yong ; Mang, Herbert A. ; Pichler, Bernhard L. A. Application-Oriented Fundamental Research on Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Structures: Selected Findings from an Austro-Chinese Research ProjectArtikel Article 2020
11Lindner-Silwester, Tino ; Schneider, Wilhelm Authors'reply to the Remark on "The contact line with weak viscosity effects - an application and evaluation of Shikhmurzaev's model"Artikel Article2006
12Kalliauer Johannes - 2018 - Bearing capacity of concrete hinges subjected to...pdf.jpgKalliauer, Johannes ; Schlappal, Thomas ; Vill, Markus ; Mang, Herbert ; Pichler, Bernhard Bearing capacity of concrete hinges subjected to eccentric compression: multiscale structural analysis of experimentsArticle Artikel 2018
13Rammerstorfer Franz G - 2018 - Buckling of elastic structures under tensile...pdf.jpgRammerstorfer, Franz G. Buckling of elastic structures under tensile loadsArticle Artikel 2018
14Schneider, Wilhelm ; Jurisits, R. Change of state as a bubble rises in a liquid of constant volumeArtikel Article2008
15Murschenhofer-2022-Acta Mechanica-vor.pdf.jpgMurschenhofer, Dominik Circular undular hydraulic jumps in turbulent free-surface flowsArticle Artikel 1-Jun-2022
16Hansy-Staudigl Elisabeth - 2019 - A complete direct approach to nonlinear...pdf.jpgHansy-Staudigl, Elisabeth ; Krommer, Michael ; Humer, Alexander A complete direct approach to nonlinear modeling of dielectric elastomer platesArticle Artikel 2019
17Aksel, N. ; Irschik, H ; Krommer, Michael ; Soldati, Alfredo ; Weng, G. Cristian Marchioli to succeed Alfredo Soldati as an Editor of Acta MechanicaArtikel ArticleApr-2017
18Seitzberger, M. ; Rammerstorfer, F. G. ; Degischer, H. P. ; Gradinger, R. Crushing of Axially Compressed Steel Tubes Filled with Aluminium FoamArtikel Article1997
19Scharf-2022-Acta Mechanica-vor.pdf.jpgScharf, Raphael ; Pichler, Bernhard ; Heissenberger, Roman ; Moritz, Bernd ; Hellmich, Christian Data-driven analytical mechanics of aging viscoelastic shotcrete tunnel shellsArticle Artikel Aug-2022
20Aksel, N. ; Irschik, H ; Soldati, Alfredo ; Weng, G. EditorialArtikel Article2016