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1Kalliauer Johannes - 2018 - Bearing capacity of concrete hinges subjected to...pdf.jpgKalliauer, Johannes ; Schlappal, Thomas ; Vill, Markus ; Mang, Herbert ; Pichler, Bernhard Bearing capacity of concrete hinges subjected to eccentric compression: multiscale structural analysis of experimentsArticle Artikel 2018
2Rammerstorfer Franz G - 2018 - Buckling of elastic structures under tensile...pdf.jpgRammerstorfer, Franz G. Buckling of elastic structures under tensile loadsArticle Artikel 2018
3Murschenhofer-2022-Acta Mechanica-vor.pdf.jpgMurschenhofer, Dominik Circular undular hydraulic jumps in turbulent free-surface flowsArticle Artikel 1-Jun-2022
4Hansy-Staudigl Elisabeth - 2019 - A complete direct approach to nonlinear...pdf.jpgHansy-Staudigl, Elisabeth ; Krommer, Michael ; Humer, Alexander A complete direct approach to nonlinear modeling of dielectric elastomer platesArticle Artikel 2019
5Scharf-2022-Acta Mechanica-vor.pdf.jpgScharf, Raphael ; Pichler, Bernhard ; Heissenberger, Roman ; Moritz, Bernd ; Hellmich, Christian Data-driven analytical mechanics of aging viscoelastic shotcrete tunnel shellsArticle Artikel Aug-2022
6Baumgart Michael - 2017 - Elasto-plastic bending of steel strip in a hot-dip...pdf.jpgBaumgart, Michael ; Steinböck, Andreas ; Saxinger, Martin ; Kugi, Andreas Elasto-plastic bending of steel strip in a hot-dip galvanizing lineArticle Artikel 2017
7Borejko Piotr - 2018 - Generalized ray method for three-dimensional propagation...pdf.jpgBorejko, Piotr ; Chen, Chi-Fang ; Pao, Yih-Hsing Generalized ray method for three-dimensional propagation in a penetrable wedgeArticle Artikel 2018
8Vetyukov Yu - 2018 - Hybrid asymptotic-direct approach to finite deformations of...pdf.jpgVetyukov, Yury ; Hansy-Staudigl, Elisabeth ; Krommer, Michael Hybrid asymptotic–direct approach to finite deformations of electromechanically coupled piezoelectric shellsArticle Artikel 2018
9Gracia Jorge Blesa - 2019 - Increase in buckling loads of plates by introduction...pdf.jpgGracia, Jorge Blesa ; Rammerstorfer, Franz Increase in buckling loads of plates by introduction of cutoutsArticle Artikel 2019
10Soligo Giovanni - 2018 - Mass-conservation-improved phase field methods for...pdf.jpgSoligo, Giovanni ; Roccon, Alessio ; Soldati, Alfredo Mass-conservation-improved phase field methods for turbulent multiphase flow simulationArticle Artikel 2019
11Schneider-2022-Acta Mechanica-vor.pdf.jpgSchneider, Wilhelm ; Murschenhofer, Dominik Near-critical turbulent free-surface flow over a wavy bottomArticle Artikel Sep-2022
12Schneider Wilhelm - 2018 - Near-critical turbulent open-channel flows over bumps...pdf.jpgSchneider, Wilhelm ; Müller, Markus ; Yasuda, Youichi Near-critical turbulent open-channel flows over bumps andrampsArticle Artikel 2018
13Schneider Wilhelm - 2018 - On basic equations and kinematic-wave theory of...pdf.jpgSchneider, Wilhelm On basic equations and kinematic-wave theory of separation processes in suspensions with gravity, centrifugal and Coriolis forcesArticle Artikel 2018
14Kuleshov A S - 2019 - On Hopf bifurcation in the problem of motion of a heavy...pdf.jpgKuleshov, A. S. ; Shalimova, E. S. ; Steindl, Alois On Hopf bifurcation in the problem of motion of a heavy particle on a rotating sphere: the viscous friction caseArticle Artikel 2019
15Rammerstorfer Franz G - 2016 - The symmetric buckling mode in laminated...pdf.jpgRammerstorfer, Franz G. ; Daum, Benedikt The symmetric buckling mode in laminated elastoplastic micro-structures under plane strainArticle Artikel 2016