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Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
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1Martzy Roland - 2019 - Challenges and perspectives in the application of...pdf.jpgMartzy, Roland ; Kolm, Claudia ; Krska, Rudolf ; Mach, Robert ; Farnleitner, Andreas ; Reischer, Georg H. Challenges and perspectives in the application of isothermal DNA amplification methods for food and water analysisArticle Artikel 2019
2Bonta Maximilian - 2017 - A comparison of sample preparation strategies for...pdf.jpgBonta, Maximilian ; Török, Szilvia ; Hegedus, Balazs ; Döme, Balazs ; Limbeck, Andreas A comparison of sample preparation strategies for biological tissues and subsequent trace element analysis using LA-ICP-MSArticle Artikel 2017
3Schwaighofer Andreas - 2011 - Determination of the xanthate group distribution...pdf.jpgSchwaighofer, Andreas ; Zuckerstätter, Gerhard ; Schlagnitweit, Judith ; Sixta, Herbert ; Müller, Norbert Determination of the xanthate group distribution on viscose by liquid-state 1H NMR spectroscopyArticle Artikel 2011
4Lendl Bernhard - 2016 - EC-QCL mid-IR transmission spectroscopy for monitoring...pdf.jpgLendl, Bernhard ; Alcaráz, Mirta R. ; Schwaighofer, Andreas ; Goicoechea, HéctorEC-QCL mid-IR transmission spectroscopy for monitoring dynamic changes of protein secondary structure in aqueous solution on the example of β-aggregation in alcohol-denaturated α-chymotrypsinArticle Artikel 2016
5Moser Harald - 2017 - Implementation of a quantum cascade laser-based gassensor...pdf.jpgMoser, Harald ; Pölz, Walter ; Waclawek, Johannes Paul ; Ofner, Johannes ; Lendl, Bernhard Implementation of a quantum cascade laser-based gassensor prototype for sub-ppmv H2S measurementsin a petrochemical process gas streamArticle Artikel 2017
6Weiss Victor U - 2016 - In vitro RNA release from a human rhinovirus monitored...pdf.jpgWeiss, Victor ; Bliem, Christina ; Gösler, Irene ; Fedosyuk, Sofiya ; Kratzmeier, Martin ; Blaas, Dieter ; Allmaier, Günter In vitro RNA release from a human rhinovirus monitored by means of a molecular beacon and chip electrophoresisArticle Artikel 2016
7Engel Nicole Y - 2017 - Microchip capillary gel electrophoresis combined with...pdf.jpgEngel, Nicole Yvonne ; Weiss, Victor ; Wenz, Christian ; Glück, Susanne ; Rüfer, Andreas ; Kratzmeier, Martin ; Marchetti-Deschmann, Martina ; Allmaier, Günter Microchip capillary gel electrophoresis combined with lectin affinity enrichment employing magnetic beads for glycoprotein analysisArticle Artikel 2017
8Genner Andreas - 2017 - On-line monitoring of methanol and methyl formate in the...pdf.jpgGenner, Andreas ; Gasser, Christoph ; Moser, Harald ; Ofner, Johannes ; Schreiber, Josef ; Lendl, Bernhard On-line monitoring of methanol and methyl formate in the exhaust gas of an industrial formaldehyde production plant by a mid-IR gas sensor based on tunable Fabry-Pérot filter technologyArticle Artikel 2017
9Herwig Christoph - 2016 - Propagation of measurement accuracy to biomass...pdf.jpgHerwig, Christoph ; Steinwandter, Valentin ; Zahel, Thomas ; Sagmeister, Patrick Propagation of measurement accuracy to biomass soft-sensor estimation and control qualityArticle Artikel 2016
10Limbeck Andreas - 2016 - Self-aliquoting micro-grooves in combination with laser...pdf.jpgLimbeck, Andreas ; Nischkauer, Winfried ; Vanhaecke, Frank Self-aliquoting micro-grooves in combination with laser ablation-ICP-mass spectrometry for the analysis of challenging liquids: quantification of lead in whole bloodArticle Artikel 2016
11Weiss Victor U - 2019 - Virus-like particle size and molecular weightmass...pdf.jpgWeiss, Victor ; Pogan, Ronja ; Zoratto, Samuele ; Bond, Kevin M. ; Boulanger, Pascale ; Jarrold, Martin F. ; Lyktey, Nicholas ; Pahl, Dominik ; Puffler, Nicole ; Schelhaas, Mario ; Selivanovitch, Ekaterina ; Uetrecht, Charlotte ; Allmaier, Günter Virus-like particle size and molecular weight/mass determination applying gas-phase electrophoresis (native nES GEMMA)Article Artikel 2019