Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry

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Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
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1Liu, Yijin ; Meirer, F. ; Wang, Junyue ; Requena, Guillermo ; Williams, Phillip ; Nelson, Johanna ; Mehta, Apurva ; Andrews, Joy C. ; Pianetta, Piero 3D elemental sensitive imaging using transmission X-ray microscopyArtikel Article 19-Feb-2012
2Steinberger, Stephanie ; Karuthedom George, Sobha ; Lauková, Lucia ; Weiss, Rene ; Tripisciano, Carla ; Birner-Grünberger, Ruth ; Weber, Viktoria ; Allmaier, Günter ; Weiss, Victor A possible role of gas-phase electrophoretic mobility molecular analysis (nES GEMMA) in extracellular vesicle researchArtikel Article 2021
3Vees, Charlotte Anne ; Veiter, Lukas ; Sax, Fritz ; Herwig, Christoph ; Pflügl, Stefan A robust flow cytometry-based biomass monitoring tool enables rapid at-line characterization of S. cerevisiae physiology during continuous bioprocessing of spent sulfite liquorArtikel Article 2020
4Winzely-2022-Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry-vor.pdf.jpgWinzely, Maximilian ; Jouppila, Annukka ; Ramer, Georg ; Lux, Laurin ; Lendl, Bernhard ; Barreiro, Karina ; Lassila, Riitta ; Friedbacher, Gernot AFM investigation of APAC (antiplatelet and anticoagulant heparin proteoglycan)Artikel Article Jan-2022
5Margui, E. ; Floor, G. ; Hidalgo, M. ; Kregsamer, Peter ; Roman-Ross, G. ; Streli, Christina ; Queralt, I. Analytical Possibilities of Total Reflection X-ray Spectrometry (TXRF) for Trace Selenium Determination in SoilsArtikel Article2010
6Allmaier, Günter ; Buchberger, Wolfgang ; Francesconi, Kevin Analytical sciences in AustriaArtikel Article2011
7Herwig, Christoph Applied basic science in process analytics and control technologyArtikel Article2020
8Falta, Thomas ; Limbeck, Andreas ; Koellensperger, Gunda ; Hann, Stephan Bioaccessibility of selected trace metals in urban PM2.5 and PM10 samples: a model studyArtikel Article 2008
9Bonazza, Klaus ; Rottensteiner, Hanspeter ; Schrenk, Gerald ; Fiedler, Christian ; Scheiflinger, Friedrich ; Allmaier, Günter ; Turecek, Peter ; Friedbacher, Gernot Ca2+ concentration-dependent conformational change of FVIII B-domain observed by atomic force microscopyArtikel Article2015
10Armenta, Sergio ; Lendl, Bernhard Capillary liquid chromatography with off-line mid-IR and Raman micro-spectroscopic detection: Analysis of chlorinated pesticides at ppb levelsArtikel Article2010
11Martzy Roland - 2019 - Challenges and perspectives in the application of...pdf.jpgMartzy, Roland ; Kolm, Claudia ; Krska, Rudolf ; Mach, Robert L. ; Farnleitner, Andreas H. ; Reischer, Georg H. Challenges and perspectives in the application of isothermal DNA amplification methods for food and water analysisArticle Artikel 2019
12Rudigier, Moritz ; Haubner, Roland Characterisation of diamond coatings with different morphologies by Raman spectroscopy using various laser wavelengthsArtikel Article2012
13Rosenberg, Erwin Characterisation of historical organic dyestuffs by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometryArtikel Article2008
14Häubl, Georg ; Berthiller, Franz ; Hametner, Christian ; Rechthaler, Justyna ; Jaunecker, Günther ; Freudenschuss, Martin ; Krska, Rudolf ; Schuhmacher, Rainer Characterization of (¹³C₂₄) T-2 toxin and its use as an internal standard for the quantification of T-2 toxin in cereals with HPLC-MS/MSArtikel Article 1-Aug-2007
15Brgles, Marija ; Bertoša, Branimir ; Winkler, Wolfgang ; Kurtović, Tihana ; Allmaier, Günter ; Marchetti-Deschmann, Martina ; Halassy, Beata Chromatography, mass spectrometry and molecular modeling studies on ammodytoxinArtikel Article2012
16Pittenauer, Ernst ; Rehulka, Pavel ; Winkler, Wolfgang ; Allmaier, Günter Collision-induced dissociation of aminophospholipids (PE, MMPE, DMPE, PS): an apparently known fragmentation process revisitedArtikel Article 2015
17Müller, R. ; Marchetti, M. ; Kratzmeier, M. ; Elgass, H. ; Kuschel, M. ; Zenker, A. ; Allmaier, G. Comparison of planar SDS-PAGE, CGE-on-the-chip and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for the analysis of the enzymatic de-N-glycosylation of antithrombin III and coagulation factor IX with PNGase FArtikel Article2007
18Bonta Maximilian - 2017 - A comparison of sample preparation strategies for...pdf.jpgBonta, Maximilian ; Török, Szilvia ; Hegedus, Balazs ; Döme, Balazs ; Limbeck, Andreas A comparison of sample preparation strategies for biological tissues and subsequent trace element analysis using LA-ICP-MSArticle Artikel 2017
19Mairinger, Teresa ; Wegscheider, Wolfhard ; Peña, David Alejandro ; Steiger, Matthias G. ; Koellensperger, Gunda ; Zanghellini, Jürgen ; Hann, Stephan Comprehensive assessment of measurement uncertainty in ¹³C-based metabolic flux experimentsArtikel Article 2018
20Eisen, Kristina ; Eifert, Tobias ; Herwig, Christoph ; Maiwald, Michael Current and future requirements to industrial analytical infrastructure-part 1: process analytical laboratoriesArtikel Article 2020