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1Dworschak-2021-Corrosion Science-vor.pdf.jpgDworschak, Dominik ; Cheng, Hsiu-Wei ; Ku, Ching-Shun ; Chiang, Ching-Yu ; Lin, Chia-Hsien ; Valtiner, Markus Comparison of elemental resolved non-confined and restricted electrochemical degradation of nickel base alloysArticle Artikel Sep-2021
2Schmid, Alexander ; Mori, Gregor ; Hönig, Stefan ; Weil, Matthias ; Strobl, Susanne ; Haubner, Roland Comparison of the high-temperature chloride-induced corrosion between duplex steel and Ni based alloy in presence of H2SArtikel Article 2018
3Chakarova, V. ; Boiadjieva-Scherzer, Tz. ; Kovacheva, D. ; Kronberger, H. ; Monev, M. Corrosion behaviour of electrodeposited Zn-Cr alloy coatingsArtikel Article 2018
4Supplit, Ralf ; Schubert, Ulrich Corrosion protection of aluminum pigments by sol-gel coatingsArtikel Article2007
5Auinger, M. ; Vogel, A. ; Vogel, D. ; Rohwerder, M. Early Stages of Oxidation observed by in-situ Thermogravimetry in Low Pressure AtmospheresArtikel Article2014
6Linhardt, Paul ; Ball, G. ; Schlemmer, E. Electrochemical investigation of chloride induced pitting of stainless steel under the influence of a magnetic fieldArtikel Article2005
7Supplit, Ralf ; Koch, Thomas ; Schubert, Ulrich Evaluation of the anti-corrosive effect of acid pickling and sol-gel coating on magnesium AZ31 alloyArtikel Article2007
8Auinger, Michael ; Praig, Vera G. ; Linder, Bernhard ; Danninger, Herbert Grain boundary oxidation in iron-based alloys, investigated by 18O enriched water vapour - The effect of mixed oxides in binary and ternary Fe-{Al. Cr, Mn, Si} systemsArtikel Article 2015
9Glechner, T. ; Bahr, A. ; Hahn, R. ; Wojcik, T. ; Heller, M. ; Kirnbauer, A. ; Ramm, J. ; Kolozsvari, S. ; Felfer, P. ; Riedl, H. High temperature oxidation resistance of physical vapor deposited Hf-Si-B2±z thin filmsArtikel Article2022
10Glechner-2022-Corrosion Science-vor.pdf.jpgGlechner, T. ; Bahr, Ahmed Adel Ibrahim ; Hahn, Rainer ; Wojcik, T. ; Heller Martina ; Kirnbauer, Alexander ; Ramm, Jürgen ; Kolozsvári, Szilárd ; Felfer, Peter ; Riedl-Tragenreif, Helmut High temperature oxidation resistance of physical vapor deposited Hf-Si-B2±z thin filmsArticle Artikel 15-Aug-2022
11Nimmervoll-2022-Corrosion Science-vor.pdf.jpgNimmervoll, Manuela ; Mori, Gregor ; Hönig, Stefan ; Haubner, Roland High-temperature corrosion of austenitic alloys in HCl and H₂S containing atmospheres under reducing conditionsArticle Artikel 15-May-2022
12Kleber, Ch. ; Wiesinger, R. ; Schnöller, J. ; Hilfrich, U. ; Hutter, H. ; Schreiner, M. Initial oxidation of silver surfaces by S²⁻and S⁴⁺ speciesArtikel Article2008
13Höfler, Thomas ; Linder, Bernhard ; Angeli, Gerhard ; Gierl-Mayer, Christian ; Danninger, Herbert ; Auinger, Michael Internal oxidation and formation of Si/Al-enriched oxide bands in the scale of electrical steel gradesArtikel Article 2021
14Auinger, M. ; Müller-Lorenz, E.-M. ; Rohwerder, M. Modelling and Experiment of Selective Oxidation and Nitridation of Binary Model Alloys at 700°C - The Systems Fe, 1 wt-%{Al, Cr, Mn, Si}Artikel Article2015
15Hudak-2023-Corrosion Science-vor.pdf.jpgHudak, Oliver Ernst ; Bahr, Ahmed Adel Ibrahim ; Kutrowatz, Philip ; Wojcik, Tomasz ; Bohrn, Fabian ; Solyom, Laszlo ; Schuster, Roman ; Shang, Lin ; Hunold, Oliver ; Polcik, Peter ; Heller, Martina ; Felfer, Peter ; Ball, Günther ; Riedl-Tragenreif, Helmut Pitting corrosion – Preferred chloride diffusion pathways in physical vapor deposited AlCrN coatingsArticle Artikel Feb-2023
16Rybakova, N. ; Souto, M. ; Martinz, H.-P. ; Andriyko, Y. ; Artner, W. ; Godinho, José ; Nauer, G.E. Stability of electroplated titanium diboride coatings in high-temperature corrosive mediaArtikel Article2009
17Scheiner, S. ; Hellmich, C. Stable Pitting Corrosion of Stainless Steel as Diffusion-controlled Dissolution Process with a Sharp Moving Electrode BoundaryArtikel Article2007
18Nimmervoll, Manuela ; Schmid, Alexander ; Mori, Gregor ; Hönig, Stefan ; Haubner, Roland Surface sulphide formation on high-temperature corrosion resistant alloys in a H2S-HCl-CO2 mixed atmosphereArtikel Article 2021
19Gavrilović, A. ; Rafailović, L.D. ; Artner, W. ; Wosik, J. ; Whitehead, A.H. The corrosion behavior of amorphous and nanocrystalline Fe73.5Cu1Nb3Si15.5B7 alloyArtikel Article2011
20Bott, J.H. ; Yin, H. ; Sridhar, S. ; Auinger, M. Theoretical and experimental analysis of selective oxide and nitride formation in Fe-Al alloysArtikel Article2015