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1Beltemo Angela - 2015 - Analytical derivation of a general 2D non-prismatic beam...pdf.jpgBeltemo, Angela ; Balduzzi, Giuseppe ; Alfano, Giulio ; Auricchio, Ferdinando Analytical derivation of a general 2D non-prismatic beam model based on the Hellinger-Reissner principleArticle Artikel 2015
2Bettinelli-2022-Engineering Structures-vor.pdf.jpgBettinelli, Lara ; Glatz, Bernhard ; Stollwitzer, Andreas ; Fink, Josef Comparison of different approaches for considering vehicle-bridge-interaction in dynamic calculations of high-speed railway bridgesArticle Artikel 1-Nov-2022
3Preinstorfer-2021-Engineering Structures-vor.pdf.jpgPreinstorfer, Philipp ; Huber, Patrick ; Huber, Tobias ; Kromoser, Benjamin ; Kollegger, Johann Experimental investigation and analytical modelling of shear strength of thin walled textile-reinforced UHPC beamsArticle Artikel 15-Mar-2021
4Liu-2023-Engineering Structures-vor.pdf.jpgLiu, Xian ; Jiang, Zijie ; Mang, Herbert Experimental investigation of the influence of the timing of strengthening on the structural behavior of segmental tunnel liningsArticle Artikel 1-Jan-2023
5Suda-2021-Engineering Structures-vor.pdf.jpgSuda, Raphael ; Kiefer, Thomas ; Schranz, Christian ; Füssl, Josef A finite-element-based approach to quantify the impact of bed joint reinforcement on the compressive strength of vertically perforated clay block masonryArticle Artikel 15-Jul-2021
6Autengruber-2021-Engineering Structures-vor.pdf.jpgAutengruber, Maximilian ; Lukacevic, Markus ; Wenighofer, Gregor ; Mauritz, Raimund ; Füssl, Josef Finite-element-based concept to predict stiffness, strength, and failure of wood composite I-joist beams under various loads and climatic conditionsArticle Artikel 15-Oct-2021
7Zhang Jiao-Long - 2017 - A hybrid analysis method for displacement-monitored...pdf.jpgZhang, Jiao-Long ; Vida, Christoffer ; Yuan, Yong ; Hellmich, Christian ; Mang, Herbert ; Pichler, Bernhard A hybrid analysis method for displacement-monitored segmented circular tunnel ringsArticle Artikel 2017
8Stollwitzer, Andreas ; Bettinelli, Lara ; Fink, Josef The longitudinal track-bridge interaction of ballasted track in railway bridges: Experimental determination of dynamic stiffness and damping characteristicsArticle Artikel 1-Jan-2023
9Glatz-2021-Engineering Structures-vor.pdf.jpgGlatz, Bernhard ; Fink, Josef A redesigned approach to the additional damping method in the dynamic analysis of simply supported railway bridgesArticle Artikel 15-Aug-2021
10Aminbaghai Mehdi - 2017 - Second-order torsional warping theory considering the...pdf.jpgAminbaghai, Mehdi ; Murin, Justin ; Balduzzi, Giuseppe ; Hrabovsky, Juraj ; Hochreiner, Georg ; Mang, Herbert Second-order torsional warping theory considering the secondary torsion-moment deformation-effectArticle Artikel 2017
11Schlappal, Thomas ; Kalliauer, Johannes ; Vill, Markus ; Gmainer, Susanne ; Mang, Herbert A. ; Eberhardsteiner, Josef ; Pichler, Bernhard Serviceability Limits of Reinforced Concrete HingesArticle Artikel 1-Apr-2020
12Mercuri, Valentina ; Balduzzi, Giuseppe ; Asprone, Domenico ; Auricchio, Ferdinando Structural analysis of non-prismatic beams: critical issues, accurate stress recovery, and analytical definition of the Finite Element (FE) stiffness matrixArticle Artikel 15-Jun-2020
13Murin, Justin ; Aminbaghai, Mehdi ; Hrabovsky, Juraj ; Balduzzi, Giuseppe ; Dorn, Michael ; Mang, Herbert A. Torsional warping eigenmodes of FGM beams with longitudinally varying material propertiesArticle Artikel 15-Nov-2018
14Ultimate limits of reinforced concrete hinges.pdf.jpgSchlappal, Thomas ; Kalliauer, Johannes ; Vill, Markus ; Mang, Herbert ; Eberhardsteiner, Josef ; Pichler, Bernhard Ultimate limits of reinforced concrete hingesArticle Artikel 1-Dec-2020