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Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology
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1Kopp, Julian ; Kolkmann, Anna-Maria ; Veleenturf, Patrick Gwen ; Spadiut, Oliver ; Herwig, Christoph ; Slouka, Christoph Boosting Recombinant Inclusion Body Production-From Classical Fed-Batch Approach to Continuous CultivationArtikel Article 2019
2Tomasch-2022-Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology-vor.pdf.jpgTomasch, Janine ; Maleiner, Babette ; Heher, Philipp ; Rufin, Manuel ; Andriotis, Orestis ; Thurner, Philipp J ; Redl, Heinz ; Fuchs, Christiane ; Teuschl-Woller, Andreas H. Changes in Elastic Moduli of Fibrin Hydrogels Within the Myogenic Range Alter Behavior of Murine C2C12 and Human C25 Myoblasts DifferentlyArticle Artikel 20-May-2022
3Muehleder Severin - 2014 - Connections Matter Channeled hydrogels to improve...pdf.jpgMuehleder, Severin ; Ovsianikov, Aleksandr ; Zipperle, Johannes ; Redl, Heinz ; Holnthoner, Wolfgang Connections Matter: Channeled hydrogels to improve vascularizationArticle Artikel 2014
4Hocq-2023-Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology-vor.pdf.jpgHocq, Rémi ; Bottone, Sara ; Gautier, Arnaud ; Pflügl, Stefan A fluorescent reporter system for anaerobic thermophilesArticle Artikel 2023
5Pekarsky - 2020 - Intrinsically Magnetic Cells A Review on Their Natural Occu....pdf.jpgPekarsky, Alexander ; Spadiut, Oliver Intrinsically Magnetic Cells: A Review on Their Natural Occurrence and Synthetic GenerationArticle Artikel 19-Oct-2020
6Rastädter, Kerstin ; Wurm, David J ; Spadiut, Oliver ; Quehenberger, Julian kLa based scale-up cultivation of the extremophilic archaeon Sulfolobus acidocaldarius: from benchtop to pilot scaleArticle Artikel 7-Aug-2023
7Reinfurt-2023-Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology-vor.pdf.jpgReinfurt, Aline ; Fritsche, Susanne ; Bíró, Vivien ; Márton, Alexandra ; Ellena, Valeria ; Fekete, Erzsèbet ; Sandor, Erzsebet ; Karaffa, Levente ; Steiger, Matthias G Manganese(II) ions suppress the transcription of the citrate exporter encoding gene cexA in Aspergillus nigerArticle Artikel Nov-2023
8Shirvani-2023-Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology-vor.pdf.jpgShirvani, Roghayeh ; Bartik, Alexander ; Alves, Gustavo A S ; Garcia de Otazo Hernandez, Daniel ; Müller, Stefan ; Föttinger, Karin ; Steiger, Matthias Nitrogen recovery from low-value biogenic feedstocks via steam gasification to methylotrophic yeast biomassArticle Artikel 30-May-2023
9Xu, Zhenghua ; Li, Tianrun ; Liu, Yunxin ; Zhan, Yuefu ; Chen, Junyang ; Lukasiewicz, Thomas PAC-Net: Multi-pathway FPN with position attention guided connections and vertex distance IoU for 3D medical image detectionArticle Artikel 2-Feb-2023
10Fitz, Elisabeth ; Wanka, Franziska ; Seiboth, Bernhard The Promoter Toolbox for Recombinant Gene Expression in Trichoderma reeseiArtikel Article 2018
11Rothbauer-2022-Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology-vor.pdf.jpgRothbauer, Mario ; Eilenberger, Christoph ; Spitz, Sarah ; Bachmann, Barbara E M ; Kratz, Sebastian Rudi Adam ; Reihs, Eva I ; Windhager, Reinhard ; Toegel, Stefan ; Ertl, Peter Recent Advances in Additive Manufacturing and 3D Bioprinting for Organs-On-A-Chip and Microphysiological SystemsArticle Artikel 17-Feb-2022
12Mainka, Thomas ; Herwig, Christoph ; Pflügl, Stefan Reducing Organic Load From Industrial Residual Process Brine With a Novel Halophilic Mixed Culture: Scale-Up and Long-Term Piloting of an Integrated BioprocessArtikel Article 2022
13Kopp, Julian ; Kittler, Stefan ; Slouka, Christoph ; Herwig, Christoph ; Spadiut, Oliver ; Wurm, David J. Repetitive Fed-Batch: A Promising Process Mode for Biomanufacturing With E. coliArtikel Article 2020
14Schottroff, Felix ; Kastenhofer, Jens ; Spadiut, Oliver ; Jaeger, Henry ; Wurm, David J. Selective Release of Recombinant Periplasmic Protein From E. coli Using Continuous Pulsed Electric Field TreatmentArtikel Article 2021
15Marschall-2022-Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology-vor.pdf.jpgMarschall, Lukas ; Taylor, Christopher ; Zahel, Thomas ; Kunzelmann, Marco ; Wiedenmann, Alexander ; Presser, Beate ; Studts, Joey ; Herwig, Christoph Specification-driven acceptance criteria for validation of biopharmaceutical processesArticle Artikel 23-Sep-2022
16Klausser, Robert ; Kopp, Julian ; Prada, Eva ; Gisperg, Florian ; Elshazly, Mohamed ; Spadiut, Oliver State-of-the-art and novel approaches to mild solubilization of inclusion bodiesArticle Artikel 20-Jul-2023
17Bachmann, Barbara Eva Maria ; Spitz, Sarah ; Schädl, Barbara ; Teuschl, Andreas H. ; Redl, Heinz ; Nürnberger, Sylvia ; Ertl, Peter Stiffness Matters: Fine-Tuned Hydrogel Elasticity Alters Chondrogenic RedifferentiationArtikel Article 30-Apr-2020
18Dohnalik-2023-Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology-vor.pdf.jpgDohnalik, Petr ; Hellmich, Christian ; Richard, Gilles ; Pichler, Bernhard Strength of a cement-based dental material: Early age testing and first micromechanical modeling at mature ageArticle Artikel 2023
19Kopp, Julian ; Slouka, Christoph ; Spadiut, Oliver ; Herwig, Christoph The Rocky Road From Fed-Batch to Continuous Processing With E. coliArtikel Article 2019