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1Li, Shao-Chun ; Losovyj, Yaroslav ; Diebold, Ulrike Adsorption-Site-Dependent Electronic Structure of Catechol on the Anatase TiO#-{2}(101) SurfaceArtikel Article2011
2Kaipio, Mikko ; Blanquart, Timothee ; Tomczak, Yoann ; Niinistö, Jaakko ; Gavagnin, Marco ; Longo, Valentino ; Wanzenböck, Heinz D. ; Pallem, Venkateswara R. ; Dussarrat, Christian ; Puukilainen, Esa ; Ritala, Mikko ; Leskelä, Markku Atomic layer deposition, characterization, and growth mechanistic studies of TiO2thin filmsArtikel Article2014
3Dziadkowiec, Joanna ; Cheng, Hsiu-Wei ; Ludwig, Michael ; Ban, Matea ; Tausendpfund, Timon Pascal ; von Klitzing, Regine ; Mezger, Markus ; Valtiner, Markus Cohesion Gain Induced by Nanosilica Consolidants for Monumental Stone RestorationArticle Artikel 23-May-2022
4Haghofer, Andreas ; Sonström, Patrick ; Fenske, Daniela ; Föttinger, Karin ; Schwarz, Sabine ; Bernardi, Johannes ; Al-Shamery, Katharina ; Bäumer, Marcus ; Rupprechter, Günther Colloidally Prepared Pt-Nanowires versus Impregnated Pt Nanoparticles: Comparison of Adsorption and Reaction PropertiesArtikel Article2010
5Andersson, John ; Ferrand-Drake del Castillo, Gustav ; Bilotto, Pierluigi ; Höök, Fredrik ; Valtiner, Markus ; Dahlin, Andreas Control of Polymer Brush Morphology, Rheology, and Protein Repulsion by Hydrogen Bond ComplexationArtikel Article 27-Apr-2021
6Liberto-2022-Langmuir-vor.pdf.jpgLiberto, Teresa ; Nenning, Andreas ; Bellotto, Maurizio ; Dalconi, Maria Chiara ; Dworschak, Dominik ; Kalchgruber, Lukas ; Robisson, Agathe ; Valtiner, Markus ; Dziadkowiec, Joanna Detecting Early-Stage Cohesion Due to Calcium Silicate Hydration with Rheology and Surface Force ApparatusArticle Artikel 6-Dec-2022
7Zirbs, Ronald ; Kienberger, Ferry ; Hinterdorfer, Peter ; Binder, Wolfgang H. Directed Assembly of Au Nanoparticles onto Planar Surfaces via Multiple Hydrogen BondsArtikel Article2005
8Lomoschitz, Christoph J. ; Feichtenschlager, Bernhard ; Moszner, Norbert ; Puchberger, Michael ; Müller, Klaus ; Abele, Matthias ; Kickelbick, Guido Directing Alkyl Chain Ordering of Functional Phosphorus Coupling Agents on ZrO₂Artikel Article2011
9Cheng, H.-W. ; Weiss, H. ; Stock, P. ; Chen, Y.-J. ; Reinecke, C. R. ; Dienemann, J.-N. ; Mezger, M. ; Valtiner, M. Effect of Concentration on the Interfacial and Bulk Structure of Ionic Liquids in Aqueous SolutionArtikel Article 2018
10Lebouin, Chrystelle ; Soldo-Olivier, Yvonne ; Sibert, Eric ; De Santis, Maurizio ; Faure, René Evidence of the Substrate Effect in Hydrogen Electroinsertion into Palladium Atomic Layers by Means of in Situ Surface X-ray DiffractionArtikel Article2009
11Kocsis, Krisztina ; Niedermaier, Matthias ; Kasparek, Vít ; Bernardi, Johannes ; Redhammer, Günther ; Bockstedte, Michel ; Berger, Thomas ; Diwald, Oliver From Anhydrous Zinc Oxide Nanoparticle Powders to Aqueous Colloids: Impact of Water Condensation and Organic Salt Adsorption on Free Exciton EmissionArtikel Article 2019
12Friesen Sergej - 2017 - Hydration and Counterion Binding of C12MIM Micelles.pdf.jpgFriesen, Sergej ; Buchecker, Thomas ; Cognigni, Alice ; Bica-Schröder, Katharina ; Buchner, Richard Hydration and Counterion Binding of [C12MIM] MicellesArticle Artikel 26-Sep-2017
13Lummerstorfer, Thomas ; Sohar, Christian ; Friedbacher, Gernot ; Hoffmann, Helmuth In Situ observation of interfacial bonding of an organic monolayer confined between two solid surfacesArtikel Article2006
14Bilotto, Pierluigi ; Lengauer, Maximilian ; Andersson, Jakob ; Ramach, Ulrich ; Mears, Laura L. E. ; Valtiner, Markus Interaction profiles and stability of rigid and polymer-tethered lipid bilayer models at highly charged and highly adhesive contactsArtikel Article 2019
15Rill, Christoph ; Kolar, Zvonimir I. ; Kickelbick, Guido ; Wolterbeek, Hubert Th. ; Peters, Joop A. Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Adsorption on Hydroxyapatite of the [¹⁶⁰Tb]Terbium Complexes of the Bone-Targeting Ligands DOTP and BPPEDArtikel Article2009
16Ovsianikov, Aleksandr ; Mühleder, Severin ; Torgersen, Jan ; Zhiquan, Li ; Qin, Xiao-Hua ; Van Vlierberghe, Sandra ; Dubruel, Peter ; Holnthoner, Wolfgang ; Redl, Heinz ; Liska, Robert ; Stampfl, Jürgen Laser Photofabrication of Cell-Containing Hydrogel ConstructsArtikel Article 2014
17Yuan, Hui ; Cheng, Hsiu-Wei ; Mears, Laura LE ; Huang, Renliang ; Su, Rongxin ; Qi, Wei ; He, Zhimin ; Valtiner, Markus Lipid Anchoring Improves Lubrication and Wear Resistance of the Collagen I MatrixArtikel Article 2021
18Feichtenschlager, Bernhard ; Pabisch, Silvia ; Peterlik, Herwig ; Kickelbick, Guido Nanoparticle Assemblies as Probes for Self-Assembled Monolayer Characterization: Correlation between Surface Functionalization and Agglomeration BehaviorArtikel Article2012
19Eder, Stefan J. ; Vernes, András ; Betz, Gerhard On the Derjaguin Offset in Boundary-Lubricated Nanotribological SystemsArtikel Article 2013
20Fornleitner, Julia ; LoVerso, Frederica ; Kahl, Gerhard ; Likos, Christos N. Ordering in two-dimensional dipolar mixturesArtikel Article 2009