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1Reimann, C. ; Filzmoser, P. ; Hron, K. ; Kynčlová, P. ; Garrett, R.G. A new method for correlation analysis of compositional (environmental) data - a worked exampleArtikel Article2017
2Rizzo-2020-Science of the Total Environment-am.pdf.jpgRizzo, Luigi ; Gernjak, Wolfgang ; Krzeminski, Pawel ; Malato, Sixto ; McArdell, Christa S. ; Perez, Jose ; Schaar, Heidemarie Paula ; Fatta-Kassinos, Despo Best available technologies and treatment trains to address current challenges in urban wastewater reuse for irrigation of crops in EU countriesArticle Artikel 25-Mar-2020
3Reimann, Clemens ; Négrel, Philippe ; Ladenberger, Anna ; Birke, Manfred ; Filzmoser, Peter ; O'Connor, Patrick ; Demetriades, Alecos Comment on "Maps of heavy metals in the soils of the European Union and proposed priority areas for detailed assessment" by Tóth, G., Hermann, T., Szatmári, G., Pásztor, L.Artikel Article2017
4Rizzo-2018-Science of the Total Environment-am.pdf.jpgRizzo, Luigi ; Malato, Sixto ; Antakyali, Demet ; Beretsou, Vasiliki ; Đolić, Maja ; Gernjak, Wolfgang ; Heath, Ester ; Ivancev-Tumbas, Ivana ; Karaolia, Popi ; Lado Ribeiro, Ana ; Mascolo, Giuseppe ; McArdell, Christa S. ; Schaar, Heidemarie Paula ; Silva, Adrián ; Fatta-Kassinos, Despo Consolidated vs new advanced treatment methods for the removal of contaminants of emerging concern from urban wastewaterArticle Artikel 17-Nov-2018
5Kittlaus-2022-Science of the Total Environment-vor.pdf.jpgKittlaus, Steffen ; Clara, Manfred ; van Gils, Jos ; Gabriel, Oliver ; Broer, Marianne Bertine ; Hochedlinger, Gerald ; Trautvetter, Helene ; Hepp, Gerold ; Krampe, Jörg ; Zessner, Matthias ; Zoboli, Ottavia Coupling a pathway-oriented approach with tailor-made monitoring as key to well-performing regionalized modelling of PFAS emissions and river concentrationsArticle Artikel 25-Nov-2022
6Wawra, Anna ; Friesl-Hanl, Wolfgang ; Puschenreiter, Markus ; Soja, Gerhard ; Reichenauer, Thomas ; Roithner, Caroline ; Watzinger, Andrea Degradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in a mixed contaminated soil supported by phytostabilisation, organic and inorganic soil additivesArtikel Article2018
7Flores-Orozco, Adrian ; Ciampi, Paolo ; Katona, Timea ; Censini, Mattheo ; Papini, Marco Petrangeli ; Deidda, Gian Piero ; Cassiani, G. Delineation of hydrocarbon contaminants with multi-frequency complex conductivity imagingArtikel Article2021
8Kolarević, Stoimir ; Micsinai, Adrienn ; Szántó-Egész, Réka ; Lukács, Alena ; Kračun-Kolarević, Margareta ; Lundy, Lian ; Kirschner, Alexander K.T. ; Farnleitner, Andreas H. ; Djukic, Aleksandar ; Čolić, Jasna ; Nenin, Tanja ; Sunjog, Karolina ; Paunović, Momir Detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in the Danube River in Serbia associated with the discharge of untreated wastewatersArtikel Article2021
9Vrzel, Janja ; Vuković-Gačić, Branka ; Kolarević, Stoimir ; Gačić, Zoran ; Kračun-Kolarević, Margareta ; Kostić, Jovana ; Aborgiba, Mustafa ; Farnleitner, Andreas ; Reischer, Georg ; Linke, Rita ; Paunović, Momir ; Ogrinc, Nives Determination of the sources of nitrate and themicrobiological sources of pollution in the Sava River BasinArtikel Article2016
10Kostić, Saša ; Wagner, Wolfgang ; Orlović, Saša ; Levanič, Tom ; Zlatanov, Tzvetan ; Goršić, Ernest ; Kesić, Lazar ; Matović, Bratislav ; Tsvetanov, Nickolay ; Stojanović, Dejan B Different tree-ring width sensitivities to satellite-based soil moisture from dry, moderate and wet pedunculate oak (Quercus robur L.) stands across a southeastern distribution marginArticle Artikel 15-Dec-2021
11Phan-Thanh-2021-Science of the Total Environment-vor.pdf.jpgPhan-Thanh, Lam ; Schaar, Heidemarie Paula ; Saracevic, Ernis ; Krampe, Jörg ; Kreuzinger, Norbert Effect of ozonation on the biodegradability of urban wastewater treatment plant effluentArticle Artikel 15-Mar-2022
12Abreu-Junior, Cassio Hamilton ; de Lima Brossi, Maria Julia ; Monteiro, Regina Teresa ; Silveira Cardos, Paulo Henrique ; da Silva Mandu, Thays ; Rodrigues Nogueir, Thiago Assis ; Ganga, Antonio ; Filzmoser, Peter ; Carvalho de Oliveira, Fernando ; Pittol Firme, Lucia ; He, Zhenli ; Capra, Giovanni F. Effects of sewage sludge application on unfertile tropical soils evaluated by multiple approaches: a field experiment in a commercial Eucalyptus plantationArtikel Article2018
13Peer-2022-Science of the Total Environment-vor.pdf.jpgPeer, Sandra ; Vybornova, Anastassia ; Saracevic, Zdravka ; Krampe, Jörg ; Zessner, Matthias ; Zoboli, Ottavia Enhanced statistical evaluation of fluorescence properties to identify dissolved organic matter dynamics during river high-flow eventsArticle Artikel 1-Dec-2022
14Parravicini-2022-Science of the Total Environment-vor.pdf.jpgParravicini, Vanessa ; Nielsen, Per Henrik ; Thornberg, Dines ; Pistocchi, Alberto Evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions from the European urban wastewater sector, and options for their reductionArticle Artikel 10-Sep-2022
15Chik, Alex H.S. ; Emelko, Monica B. ; Anderson, William B. ; O'Sullivan, Kaitlyn E. ; Savio, Domenico ; Farnleitner, Andreas H. ; Blaschke, Alfred Paul ; Schijven, Jack F. Evaluation of groundwater bacterial community composition to inform waterborne pathogen vulnerability assessmentsArtikel Article2020
16Stadler, Philipp ; Blöschl, Günter ; Nemeth, Lukas ; Oismüller, Markus ; Kumpan, Monika ; Krampe, Jörg ; Farnleitner, Andreas H. ; Zessner, Matthias Event-transport of beta-D-glucuronidase in an agricultural headwater stream: Assessment of seasonal patterns by on-line enzymatic activity measurements and environmental isotopesArtikel Article2019
17Tanzer Julia - 2018 - Filling two needs with one deed Potentials to...pdf.jpgTanzer, Julia ; Zoboli, Ottavia ; Zessner-Spitzenberg, Matthias ; Rechberger, Helmut Filling two needs with one deed: Potentials to simultaneously improve phosphorus and nitrogen management in Austria as an example for coupled resource management systemsArticle Artikel 2018
18Reimann, Clemens ; Fabian, Karl ; Flem, B ; Anderson, Malin ; Filzmoser, Peter ; Englmaier, Peter Geosphere-biosphere circulation of chemical elements in soil and plant systems from a 100 km transect from southern central NorwayArtikel Article2018
19Kamilli, K.A. ; Ofner, J. ; Krause, T. ; Sattler, T. ; Schmitt-Kopplin, P. ; Eitenberger, E. ; Friedbacher, G. ; Lendl, B. ; Lohninger, H. ; Schöler, H.F. ; Held, A. How salt lakes affect atmospheric new particle formation: A case study in Western AustraliaArtikel Article2016
20Ahmed, Warish ; Simpson, Stuart L. ; Bertsch, Paul M. ; Bibby, Kyle ; Bivins, Aaron ; Blackall, Linda L. ; Bofill-Mas, Sílvia ; Bosch, Albert ; Brandão, João ; Farnleitner, Andreas H. Minimizing errors in RT-PCR detection and quantification of SARS-CoV-2 RNA for wastewater surveillanceArtikel Article 2022