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1Zorn, Katrin ; Föttinger, Karin ; Halwax, Erich ; Vinek, Hannelore Active sites on Pt containing sulfated zirconiaArtikel Article2007
2Rupprechter, Günther ; Freund, H.-J. Adsorbate-induced restructuring and pressure-dependent adsorption on metal nanoparticles studied by electron microscopy and sum frequency generation spectroscopyArtikel Article2001
3Föttinger, Karin ; Emhofer, Waltraud ; Lennon, David ; Rupprechter, Günther Adsorption and reaction of CO on (Pd-)Al₂O₃ and (Pd-)ZrO₂: Vibrational Spectroscopy of Carbonate FormationArtikel Article 2017
4Freund, H.-J. ; Kuhlenbeck, Helmut ; Rupprechter, Günther ; Bäumer, Marcus ; Hamann, Heiko ; Libuda, Jörg Bridging the pressure and materials gaps between catalysis and surface science: clean and modified oxide surfacesArtikel Article2001
5Suchorski, Yuri ; Rupprechter, Günther Catalysis by imaging: from meso- to nano-scaleArtikel Article 2020
6Suchorski, Yuri ; Drachsel, Wolfgang Catalytic Reactions on Platinum Nanofacets: Bridging the size and complexity GAPArtikel Article 2007
7Opitz Alexander Karl - 2018 - The Chemical Evolution of the La06Sr04CoO3-...pdf.jpgOpitz, Alexander Karl ; Rameshan, Christoph ; Kubicek, Markus ; Rupp, Ghislain ; Nenning, Andreas ; Götsch, Thomas ; Blume, Raoul ; Hävecker, Michael ; Knop-Gericke, Axel ; Rupprechter, Günther ; Klötzer, Bernhard ; Fleig, Jürgen The Chemical Evolution of the La0.6Sr0.4CoO3−δ Surface Under SOFC Operating Conditions and Its Implications for Electrochemical Oxygen Exchange ActivityArticle Artikel 2018
8Minca, M. ; Penner, S. ; Loerting, T. ; Menzel, A. ; Bertel, Erminald ; Zucca, Rinaldo ; Redinger, Josef Chemisorption of hydrogen on the missing-row Pt(110)-(1x2) surfaceArtikel Article2007
9Rupprechter, Günther ; Dellwig, Thilo ; Unterhalt, Holger ; Freund, H.-J. CO adsorption on Ni(100) and Pt(111) studied by infrared-visible sum frequency generation spectroscopy: Design and application of an SFG-compatible uhv-high pressure reaction cellArtikel Article2001
10Somchuea, Pooripong ; Sukprom, Thitiwut ; Sringam, Sarannuch ; Ampansang, Santipab ; Witoon, Thongthai ; Chareonpanich, Metta ; Faungnawakij, Kajornsak ; Rupprechter, Günther ; Seubsai, Anusorn Conversion of Methane to Value-Added Hydrocarbons via Modified Fischer–Tropsch Process Using Hybrid CatalystsArticle Artikel Nov-2023
11Yang, Jingxia ; Ding, Huihui ; Wang, Jinjie ; Yigit, Nevzat ; Xu, Jingli ; Rupprechter, Günther ; Zhang, Min ; Li, Zhiquan Energy-guided shape control towards highly active CeO2Artikel Article 18-Aug-2020
12Avoyan, Armen ; Rupprechter, Günther ; Eppler, Aaron ; Somorjai, Gabor Arpad Fabrication and characterization of the Ag-based high-technology model nanocluster catalyst for ethylene epoxidation manufactured by electron beam lithographyArtikel Article2000
13Tangpakonsab, Parinya ; Genest, Alexander ; Yang, Jingxia ; Meral, Ali ; Zou, Bingjie ; Yigit, Nevzat ; Schwarz, Sabine ; Rupprechter, Günther Kinetic and Computational Studies of CO Oxidation and PROX on Cu/CeO₂ NanospheresArticle Artikel 31-Jul-2023
14Rupprechter, Günther ; Gruber, Hans L. Konrad Hayek Festschrift in Topics in CatalysisArtikel Article2007
15Rupprechter, Günther ; Gruber, Hans L. Konrad Hayek Festschrift in Topics in CatalysisArtikel Article2007
16Bandara, Athula ; Abu Haija, Mohammad ; Höbel, Frank ; Kuhlenbeck, Helmut ; Rupprechter, Günther ; Freund, Hans-Joachim Molecular adsorption on V2O3(0001)/Au(111) surfacesArtikel Article2007
17Sterrer, Martin ; Berger, Thomas ; Diwald, Oliver ; Knözinger, Erich ; Allouche, Alain Ozonide ions on the surface of MgO nanocrystalsArtikel Article2007
18Asencios, Yvan J. O. ; Yigit, Nevzat ; Wicht, Thomas ; Stöger-Pollach, Michael ; Lucrédio, Alessandra F. ; Marcos, Francielle Candian Firmino ; Assaf, Elisabete M. ; Rupprechter, Günther Partial Oxidation of Bio-methane over Nickel Supported on MgO–ZrO₂ Solid SolutionsArticle Artikel 24-May-2023
19Holzapfel, H. H. ; Wolfbeisser, A. ; Rameshan, C. ; Weilach, C. ; Rupprechter, G. PdZn surface alloys as models of methanol steam reforming catalysts: Molecular studies by LEED, XPS, TPD and PM-IRASArtikel Article2014
20Li Xia - 2018 - Polarization-Dependent SFG Spectroscopy of Near Ambient Pressure...pdf.jpgLi, Xia ; Roiaz, Matteo ; Pramhaas, Verena ; Rameshan, Christoph ; Rupprechter, Günther Polarization-Dependent SFG Spectroscopy of Near Ambient Pressure CO Adsorption on Pt(111) and Pd(111) RevisitedArticle Artikel 2018