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E389-03 - Forschungsbereich Signal Processing
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1Pichler, Georg ; Romanelli, Marco ; Vega , Leonardo ; Piantanida, Pablo Perfectly Accurate Membership Inference by a Dishonest Central Server in Federated LearningArticle Artikel 20-Oct-2023
2Del Grosso, Ganesh ; Pichler, Georg ; Palamidessi, Catuscia ; Piantanida, Pablo Bounding information leakage in machine learningArticle Artikel 14-May-2023
3Kropfreiter, Thomas ; Meyer, Florian ; Hlawatsch, Franz An Efficient Labeled/Unlabeled Random Finite Set Algorithm for Multiobject TrackingArticle Artikel Dec-2022
4Tauböck, Georg ; Rajbamshi, Shristi ; Balazs, Peter Random Time-varying Filtering with SubsamplingInproceedings KonferenzbeitragOct-2022
5Balazs, Peter ; Tauböck, Georg ; Rajbamshi, Shristi ; Holighaus, Nicki Audio InpaintingInproceedings KonferenzbeitragOct-2022
6Del Grosso, Ganesh ; Jalalzai, Hamid ; Pichler, Georg ; Palamidessi, Catuscia ; Piantanida, Pablo Leveraging Adversarial Examples To Quantify Membership Information LeakageInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag Jun-2022
7Dittrich, Thomas ; Matz, Gerald A Linearly Constrained Power Iteration for Spectral Semi-Supervised Classification on Signed GraphsInproceedings Konferenzbeitrag 22-May-2022
8Gaglione, Domenico ; Braca, Paolo ; Soldi, Giovanni ; Meyer, Florian ; Hlawatsch, Franz ; Win, Moe Fusion of Sensor Measurements and Target-Provided Information in Multitarget TrackingArticle Artikel 2022
9Arambasic, Ljiljana ; Stoeva, Diana Dual frames compensating for erasures -- non-canonical casePreprint Preprint2022
10Koliander, Günther ; El-Laham, Yousef ; Djuric, Petar M. ; Hlawatsch, Franz Fusion of Probability Density FunctionsArticle Artikel 2022
11Li, Tiancheng ; Hlawatsch, Franz A Distributed Particle-PHD Filter Using Arithmetic-Average Fusion of Gaussian Mixture ParametersArtikel Article 2021
12Koliander, Günther ; Pichler, Georg Modelling the utility of group testing for public health surveillanceArtikel Article2021
13Dittrich, Thomas ; Matz, Gerald A Maximum A Posteriori Relaxation For Clustering The Labeled Stochastic Block ModelKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2021
14Del Grosso, Ganesh ; Pichler, Georg ; Piantanida, Pablo ; IEEE Privacy-Preserving Synthetic Smart Meters DataKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2021
15Dittrich, Thomas ; Matz, Gerald Unsupervised Clustering on Signed Graphs with Unknown Number of ClustersKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings 2021
16Dittrich, Thomas ; Matz, Gerald Non-Convex Total Variation Minimization for Signed Graph Cut ClusteringPräsentation Presentation2021
17Coronel, Carmina ; Wiesmeyr, Christoph ; Garn, Heinrich ; Kohn, Bernhard ; Wimmer, Markus ; Mandl, Magdalena ; Glos, Martin ; Penzel, Thomas ; Klösch, Gerhard ; Stefanic-Kejik, Andrijana ; Böck, Marion ; Kaniusas, Eugenijus ; Seidel, Stefan 3D Camera and pulse oximeter for respiratory events detectionArtikel Article 2021
18Kropfreiter, Thomas ; Meyer, Florian ; Hlawatsch, Franz A Fast Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filter Using Belief PropagationArtikel Article 2020
19Dittrich, Thomas ; Matz, Gerald Signal Processing on Signed Graphs: Fundamentals and PotentialsArtikel Article 2020
20Gaglione, Domenico ; Soldi, Giovanni ; Braca, Paolo ; De Magistris, Giovanni ; Meyer, Florian ; Hlawatsch, Franz Classification-aided multitarget tracking using the sum-product algorithmArtikel Article 2020