Forschungsbereich Energiesysteme und Netze

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E370-01 - Forschungsbereich Energiesysteme und Netze
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Research Division
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1Torabi-Makhsos-2020-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgTorabi-Makhsos, Elmira ; Guo, Yi ; Gawlik, Wolfgang ; Cox, Benjamin ; Hinkel, Philipp ; Zugck, Marian ; Wellßow, Wolfram ; Schmaranz, Robert ; Traxler, Ewald ; Fiedler, Leopold Investigation of Fast, Secure and Reliable Network Restoration after BlackoutsArticle Artikel 11-Jun-2020
2Marchgraber-2020-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgMarchgraber, Jürgen ; Gawlik, Wolfgang Investigation of black-starting and islanding capabilities of a battery energy storage system supplying a microgrid consisting of wind turbines, impedance- And motor-loadsArticle Artikel 5-Oct-2020
3Schultis-2021-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgSchultis, Daniel-Leon ; Ilo, Albana Increasing the Utilization of Existing Infrastructures by Using the Newly Introduced Boundary Voltage LimitsArticle Artikel 19-Aug-2021
4Marchgraber-2020-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgMarchgraber, Jürgen ; Gawlik, Wolfgang Dynamic Voltage Support of Converters during Grid Faults in Accordance with National Grid Code RequirementsArticle Artikel 14-May-2020
5Marchgraber-2021-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgMarchgraber, Jürgen ; Gawlik, Wolfgang Dynamic Prioritization of Functions during Real-Time Multi-Use Operation of Battery Energy Storage SystemsArticle Artikel 28-Jan-2021
6Ilo-2019-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgIlo, Albana Design of the Smart Grid Architecture According to Fractal Principles and the Basics of Corresponding Market StructureArticle Artikel 31-Oct-2019
7Schultis-2019-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgSchultis, Daniel-Leon Comparison of Local Volt/var Control Strategies for PV Hosting Capacity Enhancement of Low Voltage FeedersArticle Artikel 24-Apr-2019
8Marchgraber-2020-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgMarchgraber, Jürgen ; Alacs, Christian ItemCrisRefDisplayStrategy.rp.student.icon; Guo, Yi ; Gawlik, Wolfgang ; Anta, Adolfo ; Stimmer, Alexander ; Lenz, Martin ; Froschauer, Manuel ; Leonhardt, Michaela Comparison of Control Strategies to Realize Synthetic Inertia in ConvertersArticle Artikel 6-Jul-2020
9Schultis-2019-Energies-vor.pdf.jpgSchultis, Daniel-Leon ; Ilo, Albana Behaviour of Distribution Grids with the Highest PV Share Using the Volt/Var Control Chain StrategyArticle Artikel 12-Oct-2019