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E101-02 - Forschungsbereich Numerik
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1Feischl, Michael ; Führer, Thomas ; Karkulik, Michael ; Praetorius, Dirk ZZ-type a posteriori error estimators for adaptive boundary element methods on a curveBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2013
2Amodio, P. ; Levitina, T. ; Settanni, G. ; Weinmüller, E. B. ; Simos, Theodore ; Tsitouras, Charalambos Whispering gallery modes in oblate spheroidal cavities: Calculations with a variable stepsizeKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2015
3Amodio, P ; Levitina, T. ; Settanni, G. ; Weinmüller, Ewa Whispering gallery modes in oblate spheroidal cavities: calculations with a variable stepsizeBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2014
4Graham, Ivan ; Löhndorf, Maike ; Melenk, Jens Markus ; Spence, Euan When is the error in the h-BEM for solving the Helmholtz equation bounded independently of k?Buchbeitrag Book Contribution2013
5Faustmann, Markus ; Marcati, Carlo ; Melenk, Jens Markus ; Schwab, Ch. Weighted analytic regularity for the integral fractional Laplacian in polygonsPresentation Vortrag31-Aug-2022
6Faustmann, Markus ; Marcati, Carlo ; Melenk, Jens Markus ; Schwab, Ch. Weighted analytic regularity and hp-FEM for the integral fractional LaplacianPresentation Vortrag15-Sep-2022
7Di Fratta, Giovanni ; Innerberger, Michael ; Praetorius, Dirk Weak-strong uniqueness for the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation in micromagneticsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2019
8Melenk, Jens Markus ; Sauter, Stefan Wavenumber-explicit hp-FEM analysis for Maxwell's equations with transparent boundary conditionsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2018
9Löhndorf, Maike ; Melenk, Jens Markus Wavenumber-explicit HP-BEM for high frequency scatteringBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2010
10Melenk, Jens Markus ; Sauter, Stefan Wave-number explicit convergence analysis for Galerkin discretizations of the Helmholtz equation (extended version)Buchbeitrag Book Contribution2009
11Melenk, Jens Markus ; Sauter, Stefan ; Torres, Céline Wave number-explicit analysis for Galerkin discretizations of lossy Helmholtz problemsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2019
12Page, Marcus ; Praetorius, Dirk ; Kemetmüller, J. Vektorisierte Implementierung von P1-FEM in 3D (Supervisor: M. Page, D. Praetorius)Bericht Report2012
13Auzinger, Winfried ; Koch, Othmar ; Lammer, Stefan ; Weinmüller, Ewa Variationen der Defektkorrektur zur effizienten numerischen Lösung gewöhnlicher DifferentialgleichungenBericht Report2002
14Bespalov, Alex ; Praetorius, Dirk ; Ruggeri, Michele Two-level a posteriori error estimation for adaptive multilevel stochastic Galerkin FEMBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2020
15Rieder, Alexander ; Sayas, Franciso-Javier ; Melenk, Jens Markus Time domain boundary integral equations and convolution quadrature for scattering by composite mediaBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2020
16Auzinger, Winfried ; Stolyarchuk, Roksolyana ; Pelekh, Yaroslav ; Kozar, Oksana ; Mentynskyi, Serhii ; Ihnatyshyn, Mykola The Studying of Hydrogen Diffusion Non-Stationary Processes Near a Crack in the Field of Heterogeneous Mechanical Tensions for the Encapsulated MEMS DevicesKonferenzbeitrag Inproceedings2020
17Rachunkova, Irena ; Spielauer, Alexander ; Stanek, Svatoslav ; Weinmüller, Ewa The structure of a set of positive solutions to Dirichlet BVPs with time and space singularitiesBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2012
18Praetorius, Dirk ; Ruggeri, Michele ; Stephan, Ernst Peter The saturation assumption yields optimal convergence of two-level adaptive BEMBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2019
19Kitzhofer, G. ; Koch, Othmar ; Pulverer, G. ; Simon, Christa ; Weinmüller, Ewa The new MATLAB code bvpsuite for the solution of singular implizit BVPsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution2010
20Auzinger, Winfried ; Herfort, Wolfgang ; Koch, Othmar ; Thalhammer, Mechthild ; Falcone, Giovanni The BCH-formula and order conditions for splitting methodsBuchbeitrag Book Contribution 2017